You Won’t Believe How Calmly This 6 Year Old Plays Chess!

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  1. Wonder kids👍👏👏👏👌🙏

  2. I didn't get the move of white at 6:00 sacrificing his queen to e6. Did he not see the black bishop will devour his queen? Did he think the black king is trapped thinking his rook is guarding the queen but forgot to see the black bishop lurking in the shadows? What is his game plan? But then again an earlier move commented here by "RD N" that queen to f8 instead of e8 at 5:35, is checkmate for white, if he only saw that move. Pursuing a perpetual check on the opponent's king is always a good strategy but not with reckless abandon (unless the guy here is trying to play nice and make the girl opponent look good).

  3. Lovely hands to lose to ❤️🙂

  4. If she takes a piece, she pushes the clock with it.

  5. সাদার খেলা টা ভালই ছিল লাস্টে সে ভুল করেছে

  6. Keep it up dada 👍 be successful and think lika a intelligent I am always your fan

  7. Total worse game only to show that six year kids can play chess,,…..

  8. Legend says, Bishop C5 is still immortal there 😀

  9. She is genius 👌👌👌👍👍👍

  10. her father love her very much.but good that'sgood job young lady😁😁😁

  11. First learn how to play chess ceeter

  12. Excellent, Young and developing great minds.

  13. At six I was biting dirt & playing in the mud.

  14. And suddenly everyone is a garry kasparov in the coments

  15. Safed peace wala ekdum jhataha khiladi hai

  16. Beginners.. only moving pieces to create a show, not a real chess match.

  17. How does a six year old get this good at chess?

  18. 7:34 e4 to f4 would attack queen and king so a tower quee trade, that couldve been game chainging..
    (tower f4, queen goes f4 and beats the tower, bc she has to save the king and pawn will beat the queen)
    or did i just overlooked something? 😛

  19. I disliked for the reason that this is clickbait that kid does not look calm

  20. She looks soo cute while thinking for the move

  21. 5:25 queen to f8 and a simple win is yours be he gave the opportunity away

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