YOU Can Learn Blindfold Chess in 1 Month #Shorts

You can learn to play chess blindfolded in 1 month. I spent 1 hour a day last year for 38 days straight to learn to play blindfolded. I started off as a complete beginner, so if I could do it, you can too. It’s such a cool skill and it really illuminates how powerful your brain is. My rating on was 550 when I did it, which is abysmal. Let me know if you want me to revisit this challenge to see if I can re-learn blindfold chess in 1 week, better than before.

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Hey everyone as the name suggests, the goal of my channel is to learn difficult skills while spending just one hour a day on them. I want to show the world that if we commit ourselves to learning we will astound ourselves with what we’re capable of. To reach that goal, I make these videos and I hope one day to inspire millions of people to grow and learn along with me.

If you’re interested in learning and/or personal growth, I’d love to hear from you in a comment. I read them all and I would be delighted to feature some of my viewers who are learning with me in some videos.


  1. What?! I have 2000 elo and i can't remember the moves and have problem with visualization. Did you manage to win some game blindfolded?

  2. Blindfolded chess is INSANE dude, Looking forward to see how relearning might be a different experience than when you first learned it!

  3. Will I be able to improve if I started at the age of 17???

  4. Awesome dude! Really excited to see you relearning it! I make videos to learn to practice blindfold chess with easy tactics, maybe this will help you 🙂

  5. My elo is 2000, but after 20 moves I always forget the position :/

  6. I actually played chess on the board without pieces against my little brother, but he played on the phone, I noted all of my moves and I hung my queen in just 10 moves😂

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