Why You Are Bad At Chess

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0:00 Intro
1:02 Reason 1
5:00 Reasons 2 and 3

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  1. I started playing a month ago. I'm able to see those plays when I'm solving problems or when I watch this kind of videos, but then comes the real thing, playing with people and I keep blundering pieces and falling into the same mistakes, so I'm stuck in the 400s LOL. Maybe some of us lack the ability to concentrate on real games or get too nervous when close positions arise. I don't know. I'll keep trying and learning because even if you keep losing every game with same mistakes, still find chess incredibly satisfying and enjoyable.

  2. i dont get it? im a 800 and i defo play much better than this. how can this 1000s make much blunders? not even blunders but giving away free pawns? even my youngrr brother does not do that like. evrr.

  3. Not me seeing the checkmate but not the free knight💀

  4. I DID see it! However… I did NOT see the free knight lol

  5. My plan usually is: Take as many opponent pieces as possible, get a pawn as a queen and checkmate with a help of left-over rook 😊

  6. 23:34 just realized white is rimmer from red dwarf (original) and it reminded me of him playing chequers against the scutter robots 🤣🤣🤣🤣 if you know you know

  7. It's basically ADHD. I cannot think for a long time. more I think less I know what I am doing. Start second guessing myself and then I lose.

  8. Brilliant video holy shit. One of my first proper chess videos. Been losing a lot lately so thanks for the advice Levy 😅. Subscribed 👍

  9. The problem is clear. How is the solution?

    "Try to figure out what your opponent could do" helps not that much if exactly that is your problem during (online-) games.

  10. I love the now get out here more than anything.

  11. Yeah… I don't know chess at all, of course I went for the Queen takes Knight like a dumbass 😛

  12. Leavy is entertaining teacher but 15:55 he completely insults chess beginners he was not im when he born

  13. I thought the best move was to get the knight until I sat down to think it through and I realized I should take my pawn to g6.
    Not bad for a beginner, I feel proud of myself.

  14. whats funny is i started learning chess 3 days ago and i just fell for the scholars mate exactly like he said haha

  15. the last game of 2200s when white brought the rook in the middle, its like germany attacking france through the heavily guarded militaraized zone instead of the weak point in benelux

  16. Am I the only one who’s gotten way worse from watching videos?

  17. “This is harder than I thought it would be when I just wanted to beat my friend” – our co-founder who watches all your videos

  18. I give up im blocking every chess player every game ever. This is the worst game ever made

  19. It's so absurd. No chess doesn't work how you teach. Start a whole account over and build for real. There is no chess in low elo its a bunch of mean players.

  20. "do not think, for a second. That your outside of this video"
    "These games are 400-2200 elo"
    Im 327 elo

  21. Checkers syndrome and Tunnel vision are the worst things it seems.

  22. Because I lack great talent and I'm not learning openings, obviously.
    But I do think that when you get better at chess, it gets more boring as well.

  23. I can feel Levy's stress here hahahahaha.

  24. No shit Levy i know im bad at chess I CAN SEE IT IN MY FUCKING ELO RATING 😭😭😭

  25. No 4 and most important: DO NOT BLUNDER

  26. I love your Excitement How you feel really bad for us. Because we just don't pay attention to stupid moves. I love it.

  27. how does the bar on the left works?

  28. I like chess, but I'm so bad that i deserve 2-digit elo😢😢😢

  29. 11:06 levy wrong. If black bishop takes bxf2 then cannot take kxc5. But before moving bishop kxc5 is win free knight. 😊

  30. mom: how was the chess school today?
    kid: Gotham was yelling at us 🙁

  31. Imagine magnus watching this video💀💀

  32. Bro explained 3 reasons why people lose their life 💀

  33. Me spamming bongcloud as white and winning almost all the time, when i use it: cluless

  34. I feel my problem is I play grand master CPU’s and they’re pretty perfect

  35. Because I get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

  36. I did see the mate at 5:30, but to be fair, I only saw it cause he'd just told us to be thinking about what you're opponent is trying to do. And it still took me about 10 seconds. Then another 15 before I decided the best option was to defend with the rook (not sure it is the best option, I paused the video).

    Edit: And… I was wrong. lol

  37. Thanks for this. I just started playing again (beginner who has read a few books and dabbled in the past). Your videos are very imformative but moreover your love for the game comes out in how you deliver this content and I appreciate it. Makes me want to watch more.

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