What’s Michael Jackson pronounce ?🤣 @yeahmadtv #jokes #comedy #viral

Dad Jokes Try Not To Laugh Challenge

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  1. As an american im sad. These are all aweful. Who cant do an i.pression of mj

  2. These are the unfunniest guys on the Internet! Especially the dude "trying" to make a joke here. I've never laughed at ANY of their jokes! Don't know why the hell they keep popping up on my feed

  3. They really do look like the older white version

  4. Apparently a hot take but i like this new guy 😂

  5. Andrew held that laugh in for like 20+ sec 😂

  6. woke joke: nothing.
    Joke about the voice: all dead.

  7. I love the idea of convincing someone to hand their joke to me and I purposely bungle it.

  8. Bro practiced his voice for days just to sound like Mike Tyson giggling

  9. Andrew is hilarious love how he laughs at his own jokes and can’t keep a straight face. Definitely wouldn’t mind having him as a homie

  10. You're all great but I love abbys smile

  11. Someday Andrew will die in one of those programs by trying to hold his laugh

  12. How do you have a Perry the platypus laugh?
    Very unsettling

  13. What is the dude from Coldplay doing telling jokes?

  14. I don’t like the new guy. Bring the ginger back

  15. I do not like this new guy. He is such a diick.

  16. check these Indian pretend to be English men

  17. When its all men, they forget there is a contest, they just laugh and drink. "Fking patriarchy".

  18. Why do new people who come always behave like they are better then the others? Btw new guy is not funny at all lmao

  19. I believe they are Myk•ul Jak•sin

  20. "you practice it do it again, you are proud of it"

  21. the jokes i think its common but the way he brought the jokes is hilarious

  22. 😂😂😂😂😂 it just so fucking dumb. And he looks so proud of practicing the voice.

  23. Didn't know that jay Shetty is into jokes now😂😂😂

  24. When your friends are all assholes and but you're assholes together

  25. Why does the new guy look like half sack from Sons of Anarchy?? 🤔🤨

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