What’s A Grandmaster

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  1. a grand master is highest tittle someyone can get
    champion tittle has left the chat

  2. I identify as a grandmaster with a 500 Elo rating

  3. Only thing I hate about chess is that it’s like 90% based on memory. It kind of takes the fun out of being creative. Only times I think you can be creative is in the middle/end game. I’m not a big fan of memorizing so many openings just know the basic ones and enjoy the game. Too many people get hooked on having a high ELO rating.

  4. i'm flexing with being a grandmaster on league of legends

  5. Am 14 playing chess, could become a grandmaster

  6. love obey and thank god,god loves and watches over you❤

  7. what does he mean by young? like what age should you start playing chess to be able to reach a GM level in your life?

  8. Wish me luck guys its gonna be a hell of an adventure

  9. Your rank is 2700 and 2800 why are u not a grandmaster

  10. I'm 17 and start playing chess now accidentally

  11. I'm already at 1000 elo and I'm 13.
    Grandmaster I'm on my way

  12. After i heard this i started all the way

  13. Im 20, still young??🥲 I've started 1 month ago playing and im 930 elo now

  14. I thought world champion was a title above grandmaster

  15. Can you tell us Like how and Where did Chess game stàrted a little history of Chess

  16. I wish to be a grandmaster but im still 10 and 500 elo, Youre my inspiration in chess. Thank you for your advice!

  17. Just like others say levy guiding to the treasure which he cannot possess

  18. Levy i was 1100 elo now I'm 400 after 2 years break now how do I get to that level again

  19. I am 11 years old and my elo is 230. So I am bad at chess right now. ☹

  20. How much Elo ? And Fide Elo or Uscf Elo?

  21. I'm not a Grand Master , but I am a Master baiter

  22. I'm 12 and I'm 600 elo so I think I've got more than enough time

  23. Always wondered if GM or high rated player's games are affected much when they get high. I'm just a hack but weed does not seem to detract from my game. A few drinks though and I blunder about every other move.

  24. hi im a 9 yo with my older brothers acc and i practiced last day and im now good

  25. Hlo…. Champion is here, i am grandmaster. Name (GM)संदीप पांढरे 2800 NORMS

  26. How to become a nerd 🤓 chess grand master

  27. I've join a tournament and we lost just now😢

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