What was Peter playing for? Practice evaluating complex positions. · Daily Chess Test #20

Today’s test addresses a very important part of chess skill – position evaluation. Everything else is of no value – calculation, pattern recognition, endgame or opening knowledge, if you have no idea who is better!

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Knowing who is better and why is a probably the most important skill of strong chess players. Correct evalualtion of a position steers you in the right direction and makes finding correct plans and moves much easier.

0:00 Position 1
00:42 Solution 1
09:10 Position 2
09:27 Solution 2


  1. When can we expect a video on the Nakhmanson Gambit ?

  2. If only I did not have exams today 😏
    At least I have something to look towards to when I finish 😁 Ty Stjepan

  3. I’m in America but I stayed up way too late and saw this early!😂😆

  4. 2nd game mate is amazing, never saw this before.

  5. GM , please I wait for English opening series your subcriber

  6. Thank you for another great video. I will suggest more of these videos with evaluation of position and finding a plan since there is so few of them compared to opening videos.

  7. Plz include my endgame against harwitzz in 1858 in game 5. In your daily chess test. Very instructive

  8. Oooooh a Benko study I haven't seen before. Definitely in for a treat!

  9. In the first one I think a nice line is: 1…Qf8, 2.f5 cb, 3.f6 Ra2, 4.Rc1 Rc2, 5.Ra1 Ra2=

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