Watch the Thums Up story of India’s Toofani Chess Prodigy, Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa, on Brut.


  1. Sou fã dele, espero aplaudir quando ele for campeão mundial

  2. He's much more mature than his age…. Proud of him👍

  3. He's so mature. Perfect example of professionalism!

  4. He's way more mature for his age 🙌♥️ and already a legend of his field

  5. He was not appreciated by TN government though he made TN proud.
    Want to know why? The ideology Dravidian fight for equality, need to be numb because he comes from a caste where the whole DMK Dravidians try to use it as there propaganda😂

  6. Now Chess is booming, India is seeing great talents like Pragg, Gukesh, Arjun, Nihal and many more, future looks bright. Very much proud of them❤️ and best wishes for Olympiad and future competitions

  7. what is the name of the chess set that he is playing with ?

  8. He proved
    " Increase the high level of performance and "Be the Best version of you " ……infront of any one ..😊🔥

  9. Toofani?!!!! ?? Wrong projection.. he is prodigy!

  10. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💐💐🥭🍒🍇glad to see all the best Best oflack jai barathmatha ke Jai jai baradham 🇮🇳 Jai Hind ☸️🪐🔥🔥🪐☸️🚩🚩🙏🙏

  11. He can speak properly, I am shocked 😳😳

  12. Praggnandha ,Anand ,and Arjun Erigaisi the best India

  13. Go Ahead Pragg this is your dream become world champion.

  14. I never lost to any titled player in my life!!

  15. Será el mejor del planeta a mediano plazo…

  16. Into the FIDE World Cup finals, congratulations 🎊

  17. Pragg is a champion growing up being sharpened and molded to perfection, congrats to him on beating Fabiano caruana today, and not just him, Nihal, Dommaraju Gukesh, Arjun erigaisi, Raunak sadhwani, all the indian kids are doing great in chess

  18. Extremely proud of you boy 👏❤️

  19. Another proud for India from tamilnadu 😏💥


  21. He's a legend. Even after losing to magnus, he still has made his mark in chess history.

  22. Hindus are giving their best in all fields. 😊

  23. You should donate everything to sadguru

  24. You don't even need to become a world champion. You already proved that you're capable. And eventually you'll become a champion if you keep doing what you does

  25. my God he is kid but so matured….God bless him.

  26. After every success its always the nexg task thts how life works until u die accept it and keep working

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