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  1. Me losing a pawn: It's finally time to run my king

  2. i've played a similar game XD
    that works quite good
    and mated my opponent in the same way

  3. the king literally said: "Fine I will do it myself."

  4. Can someone say why he said it doesn't work over the board??

  5. So what you are saying is….. They are both really bad at chess.

  6. Levy, I would try this but since you said “lichees” i already know it won’t work in real games

  7. "l'audace, l'audace, toujours l'audace" – Frederick the Great (1756) Loosely translated: When all else fails, attack with the King. Nobody expects it. Good lesson to learn.

  8. This reminds me of a famous video when a GM fell of his chair.

  9. This is the most useless advice I've ever heard

  10. When most of 1700elo are worst players than me 200elo

  11. Gotham saying "Just RUN the King." Sounds like my mom when shes teaching her students math at school abt a hard subject but one of the student still didnt understand the problem ._. Also got me thought that he was my mom🗿

  12. I guess someone is going to make a music from your dialogues in this video.

  13. everytime I watch one of gotham's videos, I would hop onto a chess game and completely forget his tips and what his video was about. 😢

  14. I still want to know where I can get that hoodie

  15. Where can I share my game so that you can consider it to analyse

  16. Hey levy how do you send a chess game I have one for you I just want to know how would you rate me because i am a 570 to 580 rating and I was looking on a game that I recently played and I thought I did good for being a 500

  17. To those "code geass" fans out there. Does this remind you of Lelouch's game style? "If the king doesn't move, then his subjects won't follow"

  18. alternative title: Hans Niemann's elo trick

  19. Legends saw the first game before this video was released

  20. I feel like Levy is sounding more and more like CalebCity, especially in the conclusion of the second game

  21. "1700 in lichess, can't even see this" well i am 1700 in lichess and i didn't see it 😅😂

  22. I am 1850 but still this kinds of things happens ….

  23. I did the king move today and won 😮

    I definitely had hung my queen and a bishop 🤦🏾‍♂️

    I was like…”we’ll cannot hurt to try 😅”

    It worked

  24. Levy, i still haven't tried this out, but if a 1700 plays like that, then i deserve to be 2000

  25. so this is why Hikaru develops his king first. Makes sense

  26. 6:33 I mean, you said it right? 1700 "on lichess" 😏

    Edit: how did the last guy find king c4???

  27. great video. I think I'm inspired to play the bongcloud

  28. The problem is everyone watches him, so now, everyone knows the trick, no point doing it, still I’ll try

  29. Moral of the story, if you're feeling sad, angry or depressed. Go for a run king! 😎

  30. Day 4 of asking: Can you make a video about sveshnikov Sicilian

  31. This is when the king puts on the gauntlet and says "Fine, I'll do it myself"

  32. I call it the "trapped animal mode", and it works more times than one would think. Just start swinging, you're going out anyway, but at least this way you might catch them with one. Some chance is better than zero chance.

  33. 9:27 is probably what ice_vita screamed to himself after that game

  34. Im grinding an alt from 800 to 1500 and the main problem is not winning, it is finding high elo players to play against. I can win a dozen matches at 800 elo and only get around 100 elo.

  35. This is what i do in bullet or blitz, even when you're clearly losing – just check their king or move king fast and win on time. Sometimes they even mess up and you can capture a powerful piece during that madness, but you have to be very alert

  36. “Sometimes, you get in a very bad position.”
    Wait, it is supposed to be sometimes?

  37. Levy BTW that 3.12M subs is looking good. Running the King, an excellent technique for swindling. It's almost like it says "Yikes, the castle is breached, I'm gonna make a break for it. Exile is better than death." All the books say to activate the King, (in the endgame) and one famous GM said the King is an attacking piece, but this is taking it to the next level. I almost now have to think of King as a Queen, just with a short range. Thanks man.

  38. just use stockfish 😏 (im kidding don't actually lol)

  39. Jumping through moves so quickly and constantly going back and forth is EXTREMELY confusing!

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