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  2. levy i have an important question, as a growing chess player i have come to a stop at around 700 elo and cant go farther. May you please make a video on tips to get out of the stuck position that so many people are in, including myself

  3. i actually won my first match by frustreted oppponant

  4. I just hit 2000 elo without this video lets see if it could get me any higher

  5. Btw where can i send you my games beacuse i have one game where I was losing by 15 points and I ranije my king up to his and checkmated him on back rank

  6. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 thanks

  7. Bro why tf do you have only that manu likes????? 1 million views and only 47k likes, why????? Bruh…

  8. I'm here to check the views. Who else? I must admit my numbers are too good.

  9. It’s so sweet how levy passionately screams MAAAATE multiple times
    Nice to see my guy in his element

  10. Tip 2 : use stockfish and study stockfish

  11. After watching so many of your video, this is the funniest one yet😂😂😂

  12. Run the king? I'll keep that in mind, but I doubt it'll win me more games when I blunder.

  13. Hi Levy. Im 800 and i want to become 1000. do i need to start learning the names of openings and memorising them?

  14. I played a game yesterday where i was in a pretty bad spot. Pretty much everything was pinned down. I ran the king out and managed to snag three pawns up like a beast. The odd moves the opponent was making told me they had never seen this before and didn't know what the hell to do. My king made it to the other side of the board. I lost. But it was still a pretty sweet move lol.

  15. this strategy doesn't work for me because i'm playing people that use stockfish everytime 😀

  16. i’ve won so many times off of the timer from doing this! great tip.

  17. broo i just did a very simmilar game to the first one after i blundered my queen i ran my king and sacced a rook and used my other rook to checkmate

  18. I won a match like this last night lol

  19. Our school is organising an interschool chess championship so I'm participating in it as an Indian there are very few good chess players in our school as we know Indian education only focuses on studies rather than talents so i want to win it

  20. How these guys are like 1600 level, and here these 500 elo players are playing like GM in my games …..😐

  21. I don't even know whawas wrong with that opponent with black pieces , I am a 505 elo and saw those mates

  22. nahh it was 100% a toddler playing, there's no way he just made himself loose like that lmaooo

  23. When you are losing run the king as far as possible. If you can run it away from the board and you never lose

  24. Someone just did something like that to me, i missed mate in one too. At 950elo that works.

  25. Im stuck around mid 900s, any tips? I’m tryna get even better

  26. My friend is watching u and he mated me with this tactic ☠️☠️

  27. Ice vita unsubscribed for getting Critically Harmed

  28. levy i had a simillar situation situation where the opponent had 12 more pieces including queen but still checkmated him

  29. I'm totally agree i draw a lot of times because of this trick, but now i think I'm not gonna able to do this again 😂

  30. I ran the king soo much that my opponent offered draw

  31. thank you very much sir this was probably the best tip i'v ever heard for 1000esh elo

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