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0:00 Intro
1:07 Game 1
12:44 Game 2
23:40 Game 3

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  1. London has taken me to 1250 with a 60% win 10% draw with white and climbing

  2. And then he says, "Did you see how much effort I had to put in to beat a 1400?"
    No, Levy, we didn't.

  3. Love these videos you are making, explaining your thought process and strategy as you play, more more more !!!

  4. 3:45 If you go a6, isn't the pawn poisoned? That looks better than weakening your a-pawn and misplacing your rook(because now a5 push is out of the question, and it allows black to play a5 eventually without you being able to stop it). That looks inaccurate to me.

  5. I actually did jump from 950 to 1100 after this video.

  6. bro said : "Should I sacrifice my queen for no reason ? OH NO MY QUEEN ! Never mind that was actually a checkmate."

  7. A lot of players below 1000 use computers in tough games … it’s tough breaking 1000

  8. I started with the want to become 1500 video, now I’m doing this video. My ratings boutta plummet even more!!!

  9. That 2nd game was insane dude.
    He really played way above his rating.
    I would love to know the exact %evaluation in this game.

  10. yeah id realy like to be over 500 man i did my best for over 3 years now i wanna give up so bad …. but i cant… i can hear them at night… the gotham… the ches….. the queens gambit….. the kings pawn…. deep inside my…. head…

    so yeah to answer your question id like top be 1200

  11. The law is written, when en passant is possible, you must play it or forfeit your respect

  12. Hii Gotham chess! I had one question about your move in your first game at 8:46 where I saw a move that would do check to the white king, if you had moved your rook to H8. just wondering why you didn't do that and if you didn't seee it, would it be a good move?? Thanks :))

  13. i think you should do a game review on all three games after these games to see at what level the opponents and you yourself were playing at to see if the games were fair

  14. It's so hard to not take in passing though Lol

  15. Im secretly gm but get smashed at 800 elo but I do absolute everything right

  16. Thanks, Levy. Great communication skills.

  17. My friend was 1131 elo and 1 hour later 568 because of me and I'm not even 400😁

  18. plzzzz say me your age…i wanna know how sloww i am

  19. Forgive me if i am dumb but if they dont move the knight or queen is knight f2 a good move in this position 10:59.

  20. I was 900 two days ago and now 1100 it was helpful thanks

  21. i feel i improve faster playing bullet especially 2+1

  22. He keeps touching his nose is that these effects of the cocaine

  23. Broo, q mala personaa. Has engañaoh al pobre chaval. Ahora tah llorando abrasaico a sus piernas en una esquinita. TIMADOR😥

  24. No… I just reached 1235… dont make me return 35 elo!

  25. I"m nowhere near 1200, but I found this so entertaining and helpful.

  26. When you trolled at the end of the second game 😆 😂😂😂 💀

  27. At minute 7:26 I'm pretty sure they saw that the pawn was hanging, they probably assumed that a 2800 wouldn't hang a pawn and there was some way to lose the queen

  28. why is bullet 1 minute when blitz is 3 minutes but a blitz (lightning in german ) is faster than a bullet

  29. Gano Milei. Viva la libertad carajo! Lo comento aca para ver si algun argentino responde

  30. I’m at a 1241 Elo at this particular time

  31. I didnt realise other people had access to tilt mode in chess aswell!
    Thought that was just a poker thing

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