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  1. Can u tell why there is this lustful romantic music😗😗

  2. Reporter: Can you describe vishy anand in one word?
    Hikaru- goes on to sat 10000 words🤣🤣🤣

  3. I'm still waiting for that one word answer 😂

  4. Having become a professional streamer, hikaru now gives A ⭐ interviews !

  5. Every single chess player from India starring on International platform today is inspired by Vishy.

  6. Bruh
    Yall keep yapping abt gow its not one word
    He said it "idol" or "legend"
    He is just explaining why by rest of the words

  7. I love that he said, "Legend" or "Idol", or even "Something beyond that".

  8. And as an Indian i truly respect and believe you far better than Carlson

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