Using Training with the Computer Vice President Danny Rensch explains how to best take advantage of’s integrated Computer Workout and Practice Key Position training.

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  1. Play vs computer is not working in my tab what is the solution?

  2. Can I use the Training feature to play specific openings against the computer? And will it play Stockfish moves or book moves?

  3. You're right, Danny — I had no idea all that was there. AWESOME! Thank you

  4. Yeah, is so good with so many things and yet with online chess (where you have days to make a move, not just minutes or seconds) can't  solve the problem of players that inexplicably time out in game after game. Many of these players have best ratings that are 300 points plus higher than their present rating and that should raise some eyebrows, but doesn't even notice.

  5. You guys have really done a great job with the updates.

  6. What is the rating of level 10 of the computer

  7. Your site Danny is a scam, you sign people up and then disable their membership because you geniuses think that because people play good chess that you and your bs software cheat detection says they are cheating using an engine. Right, good scam my man, keep them coming in and hope they play great chess so you can screw them by shutting down their account because hey, people just can't play as good as engines…lol

  8. Good videos and team but absolutely rubbish website

  9. This is what AI alpha zero called sir please tell me please sir I don't know about this please sir tell me

  10. Does the Play Computer -> Key Positions feature still exist in 2021? It looks interesting, but the Play Computer page is now almost entirely focused on bots, with one Play vs. Engine option that only lets you select the engine level.

  11. I just want to know how to play the computer as black?

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