Two months of chess practice: this is what my chess play looks like now

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I have now been practicing chess for slightly over two months, and this is what my play looks like so far. It’s a complex game. And a fun one!

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  1. do more chess puzzles and learn some rook, pawn endgames (how / when its possible to force the queen promotion, "lucena" position and so on)im only a beginner myself, its fun to watch people learn chess, nice content!

  2. I love your chess content. I’m a beginner myself so it’s fun to see someone else learning as well

  3. Great video OG! would love to see more chess as I'm not really in hearthstone anymore. Stopped playing as I thought nerfs were getting too frequent and I didn't like how they seemed more about calming crybabies than about actual game balance

  4. Nice turnaround! Nice checkmate in the end, too. All that checkmating practice from a few months ago is paying off now!

  5. love your chess content, thats a great game for your analytic style! hope we will see more of your chess games OG!

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