Training like Magnus Carlsen (He does THIS 🤯)


  1. Even in chess and eSports, it's ALWAYS proven that a great body is a great mind

  2. I don't think Magnus watches Levi lol that would be funny AF if he did tho

  3. Hikaru: damn i think i might lose a boxing fight with magnus

  4. I know this sounds dumb but could u do the dukke Nukem workout or doom slayer workout?

  5. The waffle house has found its new host.

  6. I think for one day it is ok but doing it everyday must be awful

  7. Lets go Im Norwigian and magnus is Norwigian

  8. just a white guy with a rocket launcher says:

    Well yeah of course vegetarians eat eggs… they don't eat meat, poultry, or fish

  9. true he’s proud of the Gotham chess and also my singing monsters is in the background

  10. No way he just called Gotham "the world's greatest chess player"💀

  11. Anyone notice the singing monsters music


  13. And he proceeds to sacrifice…. actually nothing, he learnt a lot while i guess sacrificing…. THE PROOOTEEEEEEINS

  14. But I didn't see the part where you get drunk.

  15. Am I schitzo or is there My Singing Monsters music playing

  16. I love the my singing monsters music in the background

  17. I am literally playing Chess competetively

  18. The my singing monsters background music is so fire🔥

  19. Magnus definitely doesnt study on levy rozmans videos

  20. Bros listening to my singing monsters ☠️

  21. Magnus hasnt studied chess in years, he solved chess with 32 pieces at age 9 and has been running off of memory ever since.

  22. Looks like you forgot to sacrifice THE ROOOOOK

  23. This is fake in reality magnust practises at least 30 hours a day and if you want to be as good as him you need to practise at least 25 hours a day

  24. "Magnus is a vegitarian"

    but fk that bruh I'm having an egg, cause guess what I have no dignity 😂

  25. As soon as i saw levy i heard "sacrifices.. THE ROOOOK" in my head

  26. Let’s hope he now knows how to sacrifice……THE ROOOOOOOK!!!

  27. Why is his background sound plant island msm

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