Training like Magnus Carlsen (He does THIS 🤯)


  1. now see how good at chess you get

  2. i dont think he understands the difference in playing world class chess and watching gotham chess to learn an opening

  3. Gothamchess next video: how i helped magnus carlsen win world championship

  4. Gum improves memory if you’re chewing gum when you learn the info and when you need to recall the info.
    Using the same flavour improves recall also.
    Context based memory, it’s a interesting topic.

  5. Him talking about the day

    The background music: bom do, bom bom do ah

  6. Gotham almost single-handedly makes chess for beginners look as enjoyable and fun as no one ever thought. Props to him

  7. Magnus doesn’t do any of that he just wakes up and beats the living heck out of people just because then lives the rest of his day

  8. gotham lost by a random guy he met in online chess lol

  9. Bro the msm music in the background is bopping

  10. A chess player doing yoga is the most Indian thing ever

  11. By the end of that chess studying session, my man finna be an expert and sacrificing.. THE RRROOOOOOOOOOOOKKKK

  12. I can still probably beat you in chess bro

  13. Sheshhhhhhh I'm a chess player I respect you

  14. He's trying to be magnus but he is watching a video from Gotham chess

  15. Anyone saw him watching Gothams Video for Opening?

  16. bros playing my siniging monsters in the back

  17. Holy I don’t get it why Americans think vegetarian means salads only. Bruh like come on why!!!


  19. Bro move your feet. In that short sped up segment you moved nada inches at all while throwing punches

  20. Chess is like Maths, its practical, you must play often and do puzzles to improve

  21. Studying chess = watching a gotham chess video lolll

  22. Magnus isn't the world's best chess player, he's the best HUMAN chess player, chess engines (basically chess robots) have become way ahead of humans, take stockfish 15.1, it has an elo of 4000+, while Magnus has slightly less than 2850 elo

  23. Trust me guys, chewing gum doesn't improve memory. Instead it makes you less focused and more unbothered by the world. Everyone may not feel it, but in a neutral environment yes that's what it'll do to you. No I don't have studies backing it up, just my personal experience. So you're free to believe or not. Also I'm not saying chewing gum is bad, it's good, it's amazing, just not for studies. In fact it's bad for studies– is what I believe.

  24. The my singing monsters theme is hitting different

  25. Bro why is there my singing monster being played 💀💀

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