Training like Magnus Carlsen (He does THIS 🤯)


  1. It,s cool and all but the msm music in the back🤔🤣

  2. The part where the pieces fell in the beginning hurt me deep down

  3. Am I the only one who hears My Singing Monsters Plant Island in the back??

  4. Tawkerr:every things here is alive

  5. Clicked on this video just so I Could make sure to click never suggest this again

  6. He has severe OCD, he started chess because when he was a child his brain would only think of philosophy, he deduced that consciousness is an eternal loop and decided to dedicate his life to one thing because nothing matters. He has said this in an interview

  7. Bro where we have to practice ,can u recommend any app or website

  8. I know he's practicing for his match with Andrea botez

  9. Magnus Carlsen is definitely studying chess by watching Levy's guess the elo episodes

  10. Bro, got plans island background music is fire 🔥

  11. Do it for 25 years straight like Magnus has done, i sure you will change your mind, sorry you will have no mind !

  12. All of that combined with his photographic memory is kinda why he's the GOAT

  13. Jesus loves you, accept Jesus and be saved today, repent from sin and believe in Jesus

  14. Bro forgot to sit at the chess board and play with himself

  15. Improving in chess doesn't work like that tho

    You need to start chess in ur childhood state

  16. All of this is BS. Magnus is not a vegetarian at all. I think he tried it once but currently he is not vegetarian. And, he does not study chess like regular grandmasters. He has talked about this in many interviews. He likes to go through games of others because he likes chess and read chess books and that's more or less what he does. But he has mentioned in interviews that he thinks about chess almost all the time.

  17. You are a FOOL and a LOOSER! Stupid Logan Paul copycat.

  18. Best my singing monsters background music 👍

  19. at least i’m not the only person who recognizes the my singing monsters plant island in the background

  20. Chess and boxing who does that remind me of hmmmmm

  21. Sit at the chess board and play with yourself is amazing

  22. U forgot to sit at the chessboard and play with yourself. Its amazing

  23. He eats first and THEN goes to the gym? That can't be right.

  24. Damn I didn't know that even Magnus watches levy to improve his chess skills. This actually shows who's the God of chess, it's Levy Rozman.

  25. Magnus retired but now the champion is ding liren

  26. my singing monsters song in the background 💀

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