Train Openings Faster using’s new Practice feature

If you haven’t checked out’s new Practice mode, try it as it’s a quicker way to drill your openings (as well as endgames and other cool stuff).

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  1. Very good, it helped me a lot. I spend kind of 20min watching other videos full of blah blah blah, yours really helped me!

  2. Thanks, this is much better than what was available before.

  3. Finally they've added this! Thank you for the info 🙂

  4. Hi there, i'm a free member and I can confirm these feature is indeed available. it's pretty decent actually but defiantely needs more variations and openings added like the fried liver, sicillian dragon, accelerated and so on which im sure they will add in time. However, I really love the vienna opening and this is a great tool for me to practice it as well as the middlegame which i tend to struggle with most with the vienna.

  5. Any idea how to access this with an iPad ?

  6. Thanks for showing this. I didnt know you could use it this easily. This is a great feature. Shall use it to practice my theory. It is free. I am not a member but still can use it.

  7. This works on my laptop though not iPhone.
    Thanks for posting. This is just what I need.

  8. I hope adds more openings.
    I feel certain that’s the plan.
    This is great – better than relying on bot’s preferred openings.

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