These Magnus recommendations will make you a better chess player

#chess #magnuscarlsen #chessbook Magnus carlsen recommends his favourite chess books.


  1. 21 критическая ошибка новичка в шахматах

  2. I bet the secret of rook endings has the part about SACRIFICE THE ROOOOOOK

  3. That is why Magnus is the best chess player. It is refreshing that a world champion is so dedicated to this wonderful game of chess.

  4. Buy the Book: How to win at Chess by Levy Rozman. It's not released yet but ik it's the best. You can pre order. Gothamchess is the 🐐

  5. “U can also go to the board and play with yourself to get better.”- Magnus Carlsen💀💀💀

  6. The struggle between Steitniz and who? Sokotot? it's Zukertort.

  7. Fascinating, especially since I’ve never before even heard of any of these chess books.

  8. just misleading everyone so that he does not lose his position

    – my abstract thinking

  9. World no 1 reading someone another book 😂

  10. I eat chess books and pieces and the board and the opponent

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