The Truth About Levy’s Book

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  1. Would you say this is more for beginners then intermediate or advanced players?

  2. Write another one that is easy to read but for people that are like 1400-1800. I Wanna lay on my bed and read it.

  3. Preordered signed copy and can’t wait. Dude works hard and has earned his success. Congrats, I am glad to support! Best wishes.

  4. anotha day of asking for longer gotham games vids😢

  5. Why am I addicted to chess videos what is wrong with me

  6. Fyi, I am not even listening to him. The game got me in.

  7. Missed opportunity to link the preorder in the description

  8. It would have been sweet if the chess book could be used as a chess board – like Kramer's coffee table book could become a coffee table. 🤔📕♟☕

  9. I’d like to thank everyone who WON’T buy Levy’s book. Nothing against Levy, he’s funny as hell, I just like to see him struggle. It’ll make him funnier.

  10. It comes out around my birthday so perfect.

  11. I have just pre ordered levy's new book! I am excited to get it.

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