The Most Solid Chess Opening: Berlin Defense | Best Opening Moves, Strategies, Traps & Ideas

Let’s check out the Chess Opening that most Grandmasters are playing nowadays. Even the great Magnus Carlsen plays this opening quite frequently. This opening is none other than the Berlin defense. There are various chess opening strategies, tricks, traps, moves and ideas that you can use to win more games. In this video, I will show you the Basics of the Berlin Defense, which is one of the most solid openings for both white & black. The Berlin Defence opening variation can be used by black against the Ruy Lopez opening. In this video, I have covered the 2 most important lines which can be used to either draw or force a win depending on your situation. The opening moves shown in this video will help you build a strong opening repetroire & will help you win more games. You just need to follow these starting moves, practice in game situations & you will definitely improve your game. Let me know which is your favorite chess opening? I also have an interesting puzzle at the end of this video. Let’s see if you can solve that by finding the best move continuation for white.

Here’s another useful video where I cover all the basics of the Sicilian Defense:

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  1. Sorry to say, subtitles in your videos are disturbing to see the chess game. As we always focus on game, subtitles are not required.

  2. God loves you so much get too know him before it's too late ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Puzzle:
    e3 to g5 pawn takes the bishop then h5 to g5 checkmate

  4. Queen to g5 pown takes queen then bishop capture pown then checkmate

  5. For puzzle, queen e5 check, then whichever pawn black takes with, then check with bishop onto c5 or g5 respectively for checkmate

  6. g5 bishop black pawn takes and then queen takes the black pawn checkmte

  7. What to do if black play a6 to attack bishop

  8. First we will play the move Qe5+ If he takes with the f pawn then bg5 # and if he takes with the d pawn then we play bc5# if he blocks with the bishop then we play Qxe6# 😄

  9. Why do you indians love talking too much instead of getting directly to the point? 👎

  10. Qe5,If dxe5 then Bc5#,if fxe5 then Bg5#

  11. Qe5
    black is forced to take
    and we will deliver checkmate with bishop on e3

  12. bishop to b6 or a7 and if he captures bishop in any way queen to e2 and then only option is to block with bishop e6 then queen takes bishop on e6 is checkmate

  13. I think for puzzle bg5 also works as if pawn takes u have qe2 check the only legal move is be6 blocks the checks to which qxe6 mate

  14. This guy actually speaks clearly and slowly enough for me to follow along. Other chess channels go a mile a minute and keep using chess theory jargon I don't understand fully. Thing is, if you know all the names of the different positions/strategies etc you probably don't need to watch videos like this. Speaking clearly and in plain language is the better move imo.

  15. This oppingens master not lam chess play Lern so master

  16. I prefer Berlin to Sicilian…just seem to play better and less cramped positionally with Berlin

  17. Queen e5 check ,fxe5, then bishop g5 is mate if dxe5,then,bc5 is mate

  18. Accept Jesus now he's coming he, s the son of god

  19. I solved that puzzle within seconds just sacrifice you queen and use your bishop to mate the king

  20. the best move for white Bg5>Pawn take bishop.> queen to take pawn forces to checkmate

  21. Bishop f7 and another bishop attack on pawn and if takes the bishop that's a stunning checkmate

  22. Brilliant bishop sacrifice then a stunning checkmate after taking pawn

  23. 3:02 in this case what if black plays pawn to d5 to save the knight?

  24. solution: –
    white Qe5
    if black blocks with Be6 then, white Qe6 is a checkmate
    if blacks captures Queen with f pawn then, white bg5 is a checkmate

    if black captures Queen with d pawn then , again bc5 is a checkmate

  25. Dam the 7/11 accent really blends perfectly in chess coach videos (not try to be disrespectful I loved the video and will be checking out some your other chess content)

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