The Advanced Chess Bots Are Terrifying

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0:00 Intro
0:30 BOT 1 – NELSON – 1300
4:27 BOT 2 – ISABEL – 1600
10:00 BOT 3 – MIGUEL – 1900
18:40 BOT 4 – FATIMA – 2000
26:50 FINAL BOT – AHMED – 2200

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  1. I beat Nelson rather quick. It’s Antonio I haven’t gotten by yet

  2. I'm watching your 1/12/21 video on 12/11/23

  3. watching this video two years from the future.

  4. But you sacrifice … The Rooooooooooooooooooooook😮😮🎉

  5. I reckon something is wrong with that 1600 Elo bot Isabel,I literally beat all the bots till Francis n Noam,yet I lost against this bot on many occasions 😢

  6. Now I don’t feel so bad losing to bots. But I’m wondering if playing bots actually is beneficial.

  7. I dont understand i defeate nelson and isabel very easily but I'm 980

  8. beat nelson today, after that tried a second game where i beat him again. felt so damn good.

  9. The secret to winning against AIs is to be better. Sounds like a plan! 😅

    My ELO is 100. I kept loosing lol.

  10. I dont wanna just move my queen like a lazy person,
    Protects pawn with knight
    Turns out that was the best way to win with the queen like a lazy person

  11. ive beat nelson…but Antonio…. Antonio is a spawn from hell

  12. 25:29 I am watching this from Bangladesh🇧🇩 at January 4,2024 😀
    Love your videos levy

  13. My ‘Nelson’ was David, and after many many attempts, I’ve just beaten him now at 3am. (I had also skipped past him and beaten Ali, Mateo and Antonio before managing to finally beat David)

  14. Isabel is kicking my ass so bad haha!

  15. I beat Nelson everytime and lose to 400-500 elo players so often lmao

  16. 12:55 is Gotham saying is a good move but. Black cn mate after bishop takes knight

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