Tech Mahindra Global Chess League – Day 6 Live Stream


  1. Its a glitch or they hide it but you can watch all live in your history list ❤

  2. Аркадий Чернобровкин says:

    Grischuk is a very beautiful game! Bravo Sasha!🔥🔥🔥

  3. Аркадий Чернобровкин says:

    MVL🔥Grischuk🔥Vidit🔥Humpy🔥Harika🔥Sindarov🔥Upgrad mumba masters 🔥🔥🔥

  4. Аркадий Чернобровкин says:

    Hou Yifan good game!💪

  5. Please replace James Canty, from someone who can ask sincere questions ( mean no disrespect saying this )

  6. Jesse, Keti & Samay 's trio is amazing
    keep it coming🧿🔥

  7. 2:20:42 "loses the knight, will lose the game" it's not about the knight. it's mating. Qe6 Rf7 Qe8 Rf8 Qf8#

  8. How is Anand defeating everyone at this age 😭😭

  9. Samay is wonderful but should for a while should stay away from commentary till he gets much more solid at chess.

  10. I always enjoyed the way CCT does it: that's the reason u will see a LOT more views on their channel streams. FIDE chess, GCT, Tech Mahindra, listening?! 😃
    1. Enjoyed how Jovanka and David both classed it up – but still explained the intricacies. Stories, jokes, all with no one interrupting (except Kaja Snare with WOWWWW 🙂).
    2. They typically followed one "big" game all the way. [There was a separate stream where other experts would weigh in on all boards.]
    3. Loved their voices (not a big fan of Kaja Snare – but her energy is matched by Tania).
    4. I personally think we don't have to react to the bar all the time!! I mean we can see it, it's okay – right 😀?! So Tania can chill a lot – instead of constantly trying "to coach/reach/switch", as well. OR, have that in another separate stream – for the more hard core to analyze all games (serious chess pros, team captains, n other managers).

    A note on James Canty. Like the guy, lose the shorts man… I mean, come on – sorry brah 🙂. Of course Samay is good, Sagar is always on the "switching mode" as well: I have told him many times about his "motor mouth" issues on ChessBase India… but okay, I would split the team as follows: Samay, Jesse, Canty with Sagar hosting – main stream.
    Stream 2 (aka 'all games' stream – u will get less views, but the main will easily touch 100k): Tania hosting, the others. Svidler available for both. See if you can get Daniel King. Another absolute gem , or some from the St Louis Team next.. [liked Yasser, probably can host]

    Btw.. loved Svidler n Like the cool "master" thing. Woww… absolutely love the guy, unparalleled chess explainer and commentator as well.

    Everybody needs to talk a little less as well. I know you "listen to the producers" – but so did Kaja and David and Jovanka…..! I appreciate Jessy for her cool transitions, and much better voice control. (Cool with the jokes, and with interesting trivia)!

    Edit: I have seen the replies. Without using words like 'clowns', I would say being a chess explainer is very, very hard as a commentator . For example, Levy and Naka would not do well as commentator explainers ! But they are good explainers .I have seen Levy commentate… I would say overall, the only commentary team I would absolutely love to listen to would be as follows: David, Svidler, Jovanka, Daniel, Yasser. Add in Jesse, good find. Sagar I will put in the question booth – with one rider, ask the real questions man – I mean ask Vishy about the freaking smile [what you guys have a deal with Amazon to 'do it separately' or what – I hate the corporate BS] ! I like Robert Hess to a lesser extent – mainly don't like the 'New York swag slang' sometimes, but he gives great variations and finds good moves mostly – just lack of story telling/narrative building ability. I have to say, I am not a fan of Simon as a commentator or explainer – sorry man. I think I covered everybody that matters. Split them up among the 2 streams, yeah. With Daniel being the 'host/switcher' – that way, I think he will not 'keep going to where the action is'… but still do it good enough. I mean, please just say the result of something… and follow TWO games, if not one big game – the constant switching is the irritating part actually !!

  11. Very poor production quality there. Producer sucks. Blackouts from around 45 mins (for 15 whole minutes) – and the commentators could have said "sorry, tech troubles, etc." Keti was not heard and Canty should have been told "check her mic" or something… come on guys, simple things. Just get the simple things right. ALways display scoreboards. Switch to Jessy or Samay when they are making jokes… just do a better job, come on!

  12. I urge Jessie, Keti and Samay to be more focus on audience need and switch the board when necessary. For the first part they almost fixed at game 6 and started talking trivia things and joking non stop until Peter intervened and only then the board is switched. And timed the trivia puzzle appropriately. Don’t show it when there are a lot of crucial moves.

  13. It’s so irritating when the screen is showing some crucial moves and then cut off only to show another screen players walking off after a drawn game. It happened so many times. Why not just announced that the game so and so the game is drawn. Let the us continue to follow the crucial moves. Pls improve your editing

  14. 1:13:14 What a relief when a commentator appreciates Dubov's dry wit (rather than becoming defensive or offended when they don't get it). Great job all around!!

  15. I prefer tania, sagar and peter. They have clearly knowledge and behave more professional (sorry but keti and Jesse sometimes react like teenage girls)

  16. This league looks very interesting
    I feel chess as boring game but this league showing it's quite interesting

  17. The production needs work. I mean, it's the halfway point and there are still long pauses and audio. But it is an exciting tournament and idea.

  18. I had an idea as a viewer for the points system: instead of white or black for the extra one point, you can give the extra one point for a "clean win" or a "brilliancy" [either of the cases]. 4 to 3 points. Clean win: meaning even if the player won, if the player did not make any inaccuracies as defined by the (2 best open source) engines [Stockfish the clear #1, and the top neural one, lczero].

    I think brilliancy does not need to be defined.

    At this level, black or white is just not cutting it for these top class GMs, and the advantage is anyway reversed later. Why bother?

  19. Grischuk's team spirit is appreciable 🤗

  20. No way Sasha’s sitting posture can be healthy.

  21. Show commentators face, it looks good to see a person and then hear commentary (at least in chess). Commenting after not able to enjoy current day 7 live stream

  22. I stopped watching live stream because I can't handle samay raina's commentary. Now I just watch the highlights. Is someone else streaming this apart of this channel. I absolutely love the tournament but they should atleast make sure that everyone in commentary team is atleast FIDE IM.

  23. The commentary team is amazing, Peter's insights, both theoretical and humane, are absolutely lovely. This has been a super enjoyable tournament so far!

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