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  1. yo much respect to tate and piers for playing chess. is a great game

  2. bro Peirce just sucks at chess not that Andrew is grand master or anything

  3. I love Piers thinking he can beat Tate not understanding that Tate is and was trained by a chess champion and was a damn good chess player in his own right when he was younger

  4. "Clearly, from this opening, im better you," prematurely ejaculated

  5. It’s probably because rates dad played a lot of chess

  6. Piers: "You're White, off you go."
    Tate: "Actually my dad was Black."

  7. PHILOBEST استاذ الفلسفة خروبي بلقاسم says:

    This scene is more cinematic than 98% of the 2022 movies .. and the dialogue is GOLD .

  8. Piers just proved what we already know, how much of a Simp Piers is!

  9. I don't even mean to I be like oops 😂

  10. "he's not getting in my head" silly Piers u were under his genjutsu the whole time

  11. "He's not getting in my head." – Piers🤣

  12. How you gonna beat someone who’s father played nothing but chess

  13. This here is the essence of how guys form bonds, from the hostility of their first encounter to the lasting impacts on each other and mutual respect that they have now playing chess

  14. I love how the "ultimate misogynist" opens with the queens gambit

  15. It's like two dogs chasing a laser pointer

  16. But Tate castled after in check unless that was multiple games spliced together he didn't really win.

  17. piers really made this one easy by hangng his queen

  18. This is so wholesome in comparison to the last time they met together

  19. Andrew shows that you can be a player even if you are ugly 😂, well, being rich and being very confident helps a lot

  20. My 15-year-old has been in MMA since she was 10. Started in jujitsu, then started Muaythai. When she was 10, I had her join the chess club and she got pretty good at it.

    This helped her a lot in jujitsu in Muay Thai kickboxing.

  21. Damn.. Tate took this man’s v card and gave it back WITH a rare Peirs W… amazing

  22. Instant respect coming from Piers after the defeat lmao

  23. I love how arrogant Piers Morgan is only to get slaughtered. Just like most debates he has

  24. just from the way this man speaks I can tell how small and insecure he is.

  25. wasnt his dad a profession chess player or something? lol deep down, pierce feels inferior to andrew tate in everything

  26. Chess is about recognizing patterns and basically "blue prints" for set ups and such. It doesn't matter how smart or dumb you are. Just if you're able to know the patterns

  27. Let this generation learn from the OGs that’s what man dude compete nd play the mind to defeat the opponent ! Don’t get in your feelings win win win !!!! Priceless thnx guys

  28. it’s nice seeing them like this after what i’ve been seeing

  29. they actually lowkey fuck with each other 😆

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