Target Audience: Under 1800 Rated Chess Players – You MUST KNOW These Tactical Chess Ideas!

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15 Clever Tactics to watch out for in your next game. These are common, but tricky and will make you a better chess player!


  1. I've watched so many chess tutorial videos from various experts but Nelson is by far the most instructive, least intimidating and easy to understand.

  2. As a 800, i saw checkmate on first position instantly

  3. As a linguist, I've always loved looking at chess how I look at languages. The opening is very akin to knowing common introductory phrases in a language, while you need a higher understanding of Grammer (tactics) to understand how to form original and coherent sentences on your own (middle game) and with practice, you'll be increasingly capable to dive into more advanced topics like philosophy and politics (general game analysis, theory, end game, etc.)
    When I'm in the opening, I like to pretend we're greeting each other, and my goal is to figure out how to insult them without them realizing 😂

  4. Saw the smothered mate within 10 seconds and i'm still no more than 1300-1400 😖

  5. A perfect thing that goes along with this video are doing puzzles on a regular basis. Practicing your tactics is a great way to improve because these ideas and patterns will be in your mind.

  6. 5:27 I thought "what about Qb6?" And apparently it leads to mate in 7 or a simple night fork on d6

  7. I feel so happy that i know all of these. Makes me proud of my progress

  8. Great vid! This is exactly the kind of information I feel I need to improve my game.

  9. Could you pleas make an other video of this kind but more advanced

  10. I swear after watching 3 or 4 of your videos my first game had 2 brilliant moves

  11. I at least sort of knew all of these but he put it in really understandable terms. Great explanation

  12. I know all the ideas, I just never see them in time

  13. This is such a good video. I've seen far too many chess tutorials that just give you so many sequenes to memorize, I'm just like I''m not going to remember this.

  14. I'm like 300-400 elo (I'm a very new player) and I saw the the knight move, but I couldn't see it up until the smothered mate.
    Also thanks for all the tips, but especially the Noah's ark trap (reversed?) where black plays pawn to a4 first, because I don't think many players in this elo range will be able to get put of it. I'll try it out asap!

  15. 4:38 could someone explain to me why pawn to h3 is generally better, than pawn to pawn to g3?

  16. Very valuable lessons for anyone who hopes to improve in basic chess. Thank you.

  17. Smart as newb aggressive posture I would have played piece advantage the first scenario forking took queen with knight mostly likely trading took for my knight but I lack the check maté techniques like this

  18. The smorhwres checkmate is somethinf that I haven't learned yet. Do you have any tips on how to recognise when the smothered checmate is possible?

  19. Thanks, these are great and yes I learned several new ideas + additional ways to use ideas I already knew.

  20. Your rook deflection example at the 13:40 mark should of been checkmate not a deflection. Queen E8

  21. Very helpful. Do you have any other videos like this?

  22. Do lots of chess puzzles. They are great for learning tactical patterns.

  23. Make a video for Srh target players on sunday

  24. This video is absolutely a gem, thank you very much!

  25. This has been super helpful. It would be awesome if you did a follow up with 15 more.

  26. This was so painful to watch. I'm an 1800, and I knew all these before I had reached 1500. Please correct your video's name/title.

  27. 3:05 in this case black can still either save the knight or exchange it for a bishop. In this case white still wins a pawn, but the game is still far from over. Black should not take this into the endgame.

  28. I'm solving some etudes by Soviet grandmasters, and one of them is a checkmate in 2 where you sacrifice your queen to put black in a Zugzwang and if they don't take the queen it's still a checkmate by the queen which was hanging 2 different ways just a move ago, that's the hardest checkmate in 2 because the first move is a pure giveaway of the queen and it's not even a check, but black simply has no moves, which don't lead to checkmate in one after that

  29. I tend to lose track of certain knight tactics. Maybe I'm biased but I feel like knights are more powerful then bishops. Definitely more powerful early, sure on an open board bishops are strong, nearly equal to a rook, but most of the important moves are made early/mid game when knights are stronger. Just my random thoughts

  30. Great!! finally a teacher that doesn't have to yell.

  31. This was very helpful, glad i found it. I looked at your popular vids where most weren't advisory like this so am glad this popped up.

  32. I knew most of these tactics, but it was still good to see them explained again, thank you so much 🙂

  33. If you can get your brain to think about that..

  34. Good video but the title is misleading. I would put "under 1500 rated chess player". Maybe a 1600 like myself would miss these tactics in a game, but at this point I know them very well and I saw all of them a looot of times

  35. 5:24 isnt Qb6+ much better it wins the rook in 3 moves and then you the queen

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