Study and drill chess openings for FREE using lichess and SCID!

Here’s how I (noob) am using a couple of free tools to study and drill openings. Hopefully it helps someone get into using SCID to drill openings as it can be quite quirky!

I’ve tried to keep the video short. Do let me know what you think (but not of my chess skills).


  1. I made a database, and set the icon for white openings

    I click PLAY/Training/Openings

    I get a "Open first a repertoire database with icon/type set to the right side' error.

    What am I doing wrong?!

  2. I use SCID with Caissabase as my database. I am updating it using the weekly issue of TWIC.

  3. This is a very good video! It's not evident at all that there's the chance to do this. I'm finding lot of studies on lichess that are very well done and I can now exercise on any type of opening and also any tactic. And everything for free. Amazing. Thank you for this, I hope this video will have more visibility on youtube.
    For people that use SCID vs PC (this is "only" SCID), you can still find the training button on the tree window, at the bottom there is a light bulb symbol and that's the opening training mode 🙂

    I just started in the last two months with chess, I'm still learning but I really getting into chess a lot. I hope i'll be able to play at decent level at some point ahah

  4. Scid Vs PC doesn't have these options?

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