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Many people who play chess as beginners, intermediate, or advanced level will get stuck at the game and not know how to improve. I took 4 examples of viewers and showed them how to improve openings, tactics, strategy, and general mental game to improve.

0:00 Intro
0:22 EXAMPLE 1 – RATED 750
3:02 EXAMPLE 2 – RATED 1250
7:45 EXAMPLE 3 – RATED 1600

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  1. Levi : showing example 2 (stockdad)

    Also Levi : dad is the problem 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  2. i'm literally stuck at 500-550, tsm!

  3. Levy you beautiful man I love you (no homo)
    I was a noob stuck in 600 Blitz, after watching this video I learned the London system and the French defence, and now I'm 1200 and going up in Rapid

    You continue to teach, entertain &inspire me to do better

    Thank you♥️

  4. Hello i see your video and right now i am studying puzzles, practice mate and work on opening i just manage to beat bots on 1300 rating with italian game and king gambit i am 870 rating right now

  5. I kep going up and down between 780 and 1100 🙁

  6. Haahaaa!!!!! Yep! I'm stuck!!!!! But mainly because I don't want to buy a board and pieces…… Much of chess is your memory for chess solutions for problems and your understanding of same….. You can't tell a noob what a chess forking technique is and expect them to totally understand until you get them to force the fork despite all your opponent can do, only then will they understand forking And only after you master all aspects of chess in the same way will you get to your full potential in chess….. 😫😫😫😫😫

  7. As for puzzles, somebody could do puzzle rush, puzzle battle, custom puzzle or simply do puzzle on lichess or somewhere where puzzles are free. In all those cases they would not show there.
    I also think it is difficult to have a good rating at puzzles, they tend to give you puzzles at the upper end of your capabilities, so they are difficult.
    Myself I mix it a lot with puzzle rush to get a little less discouraged, or I do puzzles from books.

    I like to do relatively easier puzzles to consolidate patterns and to get confidence that I can do something.
    Maybe I should instead strive more with difficult puzzles.
    Or do an healthy mix of the two things.
    I also try to copy puzzle I fail when I have time, and will redo them. I want to buy or find a way to do a rubber stump set so that I can do my diagrams on paper in no time and have my own collection of failed puzzles to do again and again.

  8. Very instructive and good advice, thank you levy

  9. btw gotham, everyday bro is a jake paul song lol

  10. Here's me… being stuck in the 400s. NOOOOOOOOO I SUCK.

  11. Best thing about the morning is I get to "eat some water"

  12. If only I had heard this 30 years ago. Now, it's far too late. Interesting nonetheless.

  13. how do you beat 1200 and 1300
    I'm 970 and playing 1200-1300
    But I don't know how to win
    And, I would like some advice
    thank you

  14. I just watched this video. The problem of this explanation is that nobody knows what is meant by "opening". For most users, opening is just whatever you play to start the game. Nobody knows there are common opening setups. There's not explanation here what is actually meant by opening and what it is about.

  15. I'm stuck at 300. I only played 86 games.

  16. If I get them right, they give me much harder problems. Also, what harm is there in seeing the solution to one I could not solve? I agree though 50% means too hard or not putting in the effort.

  17. I thought it said suck at chess that's why I clicked 🙁

  18. @GothamChess after 14 mins starts to hit a bit differently after recent news. Hope you can rediscover this passion for the game again one day. You sure know how to pile the pressure on yourself but don't be ashamed of having lofty goals!

  19. This video, especially the beginning advise, is top top quality. Thank you for your time and effort on these tutorials dude.

  20. whats going on is our attention span already that short that most people play 3 min chess? man internet addiction really kicks in

  21. The title has basically the same meaning if the first t is removed.

  22. I can’t like this video multiple times

  23. yeah I truly believe what you said take a break can lead you to be a better chess player and I done that.I was 900 elo at 17 and got frustrated so I stop playing chess 'cause I didnt work for me on that time and now I started playing chess again after my friends invited me to join chess trounament.I'm 21 now at 18++ elo.I didnt study chess anymore on break time and I believe aging factors also included the way we thinking(my opinion) its happened to me.But I dont want to fall behind so I started study more openings and variations that I didnt knew before lol.

  24. I found one really easy way. Two words: Puzzle Rush. I used to think that I would just improve by playing games. I didn't really.

  25. Anyone have advice? 950 Elo been playing properly for a few months try to get better I have been doing lots of puzzle rush my best is 33 which is 1900+ and get there often but can’t convert in game

  26. I only clicked on this video cause I thought the title said "Suck at Chess? Click here"

  27. It's crazy that when he posted this video the fried liver worked against 1200s. Now its more of an 800 or 900 trick and no one at my rating plays it. I honestly think that weaker players are stronger than weaker players of the past due to gothamchess and naroditsky etc

  28. this was the fastest click I made today after reading "Suck" instead of "Stuck"

  29. I will try.i am a beginner.Went 800 then 600 currently 750 Need help with Caro Kann💖💖💖

  30. don't get shocked my puzzle rating is 2578 and rapid rating is 1175

  31. Your channel is the shit. So glad I found it

  32. “Many of you are in university. It’s hard to study while you are studying for things that are more important than chess”

    Correction: Many of us are in university – which is hard when we’re studying for more important things, such as chess.

  33. How many 15 minute games should I play a day?

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