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Many people who play chess as beginners, intermediate, or advanced level will get stuck at the game and not know how to improve. I took 4 examples of viewers and showed them how to improve openings, tactics, strategy, and general mental game to improve.

0:00 Intro
0:22 EXAMPLE 1 – RATED 750
3:02 EXAMPLE 2 – RATED 1250
7:45 EXAMPLE 3 – RATED 1600

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  1. hey i volunteer for a next video if you can help me with my stats, name waters_hot dont judge the name i was stupid when i made it

  2. "2 Games Max" But We Cant End On A Loss

  3. "You don't swim before you know how to swim" thank you Gotham, very inspiring.

  4. I'm stuck at 123 potato_chip age:7 stuck:???

  5. I just don't fucking get it. I was at 870, played everyday, watching youtube videos everyday, like spending so much time with chess, but I'm losing so often. It sucks that there is no learning curve. Also it seems to be, that every fucking oponent I fought, is playing his best chess like everytime. 70-80% at 800!!!!! I mean wtf???

  6. My rating is 2024 rating I stuck in that rating from 11-12 months on it

  7. The hippopotamus defense system is excellent for beginners and intermediate players. It is simple to incorporate but has basic options with variables that can be learned overtime to react to your opponent's moves. The hippo syste is great because it keeps you from blundering pieces. You can play the hippo system for either white or black. The hippo system allows for strong counterattack chances in the early middle games.

  8. how do you even get to that explorer page where you can see your opening %?

  9. i am stuck in 400 elo my user is pranavnm2013

  10. I don't comment on videos often, but I've found this very helpful.

  11. 0:24 Didnt he (Niko) also splice two Minecraft World Records and pass them off as legitimate?
    Or is that a different Niko ..?

  12. Stuck at chess : 😊
    Stuck in chess : 💀

  13. So i should stick to one opening, but what if like im black and i learned the caro kann. But white does not start with e4, than there is no caro kann right?

  14. watching video tutorials is good but gotham guy has weird tall nest hairdo

  15. Nandan8908
    I am always stuck in
    please make another video
    and give me suggestions

  16. Was I the only one who clicked on the video because I accidentally read "Suck at chess? Click here!"?

  17. please make a video with book recommendations

  18. alright who just clicked here since you are bad at chess i sure did 🙁
    im on a journy to beat my dad

  19. Hello gotham I am not kind of stuck but I will like to tell u I am a 11 years old chess player with an increasing elo of 1900 from Pakistan but still why do you under rate blitz and bullet it makes you understand the importance of time management and skill at the same time I want you to reply me in any of your video

  20. After a week of tilt I managed to get back and actually win 1490 opponent which is 100 higher than my current rating now I'm confident I can break past 1300

  21. When will you all stop saying levy never fails????
    Its over 2 years old

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