Serious Chess Training with GMHAMMER!

It’s always a good time to study with our great pal GMHammer. Never misses and always the best. (Even though Andrea never learns what he teaches her LUL).

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Streamed on April 3rd, 2022.


  1. Why to be an average Stanford student when you can be the most intelligent waitress? Now bring me my burger!

  2. [Hammer speaking]
    Typetytypetytype,clickity click click . . . "Yeah, uh-huh. . ." typetytypetytype, clickity click click . . click

  3. Stanford is anti-white and anti-Asian now. So I wouldn't feel bad.

  4. I know that if she would just stop being so hard on herself she could be an insane chess player

  5. His speech at the beginning was so true, I always lose when I get into a negative frame of mind

  6. You should have had the Hammer help you with your college app prep 😅😂

  7. Andrea: “Stanford rejected me three times and I can never go to my dream school 😢😢😢”
    Hammer: “sorry…”
    Andrea: “it’s ok 😢 continue Hammer”

  8. did andrea's mom really abandoned her? it's the second time that she said something along those lines, if so, is her actual mother her stepmother? and maybe alex is her stepsister? what am I missing here?

  9. poor andrea she is so cute here 🙁 hammer destroying her lmao and I understand that thats his way of teaching. and the way she listens quietly to him and nods her head and talks and laughs is so cute and heartwarming, you can also see that she is a very smart and intelligent girl, despite the stanford thing. and in the end she actually just laughs at herself and is so positive. i love her <3

  10. "Average Player Level," uhmm no, I know this was year ago, but your training for an Olympiad, that's far beyond what any "Average" player can ever hope to achieve.

  11. The computers where I work run 24/7 for years at a time. Running some serious Telecommunications apps; your ok to leave yours on Dre, just so long as they have good ventilation and keep them reasonably cool, they will be fine. (I know this is a year old, but you guys still stream.)

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