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  1. Nobody cares if he's indian just put chess genius

  2. Ya,he's a genius all right 😆 🤣

  3. This man has focused more in 15 seconds than my entire life

  4. I wish i can play with pragnandha on the tournament if im glow up like him

  5. No chance I don't tell him. Opponent only wanted the win. Not the respect

  6. That was not a mistake! He couldn’t find the correct move. People in the comments are so dumb. Letting that time run down and not making an insignificant move already knowing he’s lost the game or about to was probably just a sign of respect to the other player

  7. Does the term Indian chess genius still apply?

  8. Won but at what cost, that comes to mind when you achieve it

  9. ошибается в аналогично ситуации девушка: фу, тупая баба как всегда, опозорила страну и тренера 💩🤡🤷‍♂️
    ошибается мужчина: у него ещё будет много шансов, он был слишком сосредоточен, ему только 17…😢🙎‍♂️

  10. nahhh he felt he was losing! Nice masquerade

  11. Hikaru: thats a lot of time to play 3 games.

  12. Wow ..what did he think that timer was for ???😅

  13. I dont get it, I was like 1500 when I was 12 and hitting the clock is second nature, a reflex. I can't believe a top tier player would forget especially in low time

  14. Oh he nos but he just lost trying to save face me thinks

  15. His mind was busy thinking about his mekus mekus curry lunch

  16. And he sacrificed a WINNNN!!! 🤯🤯

  17. Come on folks if he isa genius u think he don't no tx is running out?

  18. But guess who's the 2nd best for 2023?

  19. I think he knew he was gonna lose and rather took this route to not be embarrassed as much.

  20. When you knew the answer but the exam was over.

  21. What a failure 😂😂😂😂

  22. Me also having this focus when I see beautiful girl😂😂😂

  23. Forgot about his mistake

    How he can be that much cool even after knowing about his mistake

  24. I just came from a video where he sacrificed his this😂 he dances to his own tune that plays in his head and nothing can change that.

  25. He got stuck in the multiverse of madness

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