Praggnanandhaa’s insane blindfold abilities + advice on how to improve at blindfold chess

Praggnanandhaa is 16 years old and is already rated 2617. He is one of India’s brightest talents. On the last day of the FIDE Online Olympiad 2021, when everyone was leaving, we gave Praggnanandhaa the same positions that we gave to GM Vidit Gujrathi (). Pragg stood there and without a chess board absolutely crushed five positions. It seemed as if Pragg’s only complaint after solving the positions was – Why are they so easy!

In the end, the youngster also shares his secret sauce on how one can become a very good blindfold chess player and solver.

Video: ChessBase India

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  2. Wonderful… This is not possible to everyone. This kid has amazing short term visual memory. God bless you. Sagar thank you for posting these kind events apart from games. These are really motivating contents. 👏🙏

  3. Itne speed me koi position thodi bolta hai Pro tip me likha hai listen position

  4. Sagar sir be like let me check does he sees my video's or not 🤣🤣🤣

  5. i could visualize it but sagar is too fast

  6. Alpha zero be like – mai kya karoo job chor doo! 😂

  7. Absolutely amazing! I would love to be able to play blindfold chess someday. I'm hoping that at my level if I keep going I can do it in the near future. Now, I doubt I'll be playing like a 2600-2700+ GM but at least I can play a decent amateur game blindfolded! lol

  8. Actually, it's not a amazing thing.If you practice daily then you will able to play like blindfold.

  9. I have a completely non-visual mind – I can't even visualise an apple. Blindfold chess is never going to happen for me. 😭

  10. he is doing this much at so much noise level… see at 5:11

  11. Prag's expression in the last is so nice!!🤣🤣

  12. Hard to believe this is not scripted…because if he could find the solution of a game where 2 strongest GMs played in 2 seconds Then those 2 gms took 5 minutes to play that game.. Are they fools?

  13. 3:40 shame on you, Mr. Sagar! "You are black"?! Just because you are (comparatively) fair skinned, you do not have the right to deride others about their skin tone!

  14. Whenever I hear a 16-yr old begin a sentence with "When I was young…" I know where I stand in comparison.

  15. this preda know many things
    He should play chess professionally

  16. He kinda looks like Anirban. He has the same funny, confident kinda vibes.

  17. First 5:55 is just demonstration of visualization. Skip to 5:55 to hear advice on improving blindfold abilities.

  18. Like a concert pianist who can play half hour with no manuscript.

  19. I do not understand HOOOOOOWWW????? He is f.cking INSANE very impressive👍🏻

  20. All super GMs, and all we others, come second to Sagar when it comes to holding mobile phone steady 😉

  21. This boy is just 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️ bless you

  22. I saw a video in which Sagar sir was asking some puzzles to Pragg.. and the way he visualized all the positions in his mind without even seeing the board and answered his puzzles made me Flabbergasted and at the same moment it was Insane too..
    Anyway, Thank you miss for this amazing video..
    Answer is — YES

  23. That's it, I am not playing chess anymore.

  24. In UFC (heavyweight) Francis ngannou was hit by boxer ryan garcia at lightning speed. He didn't feel the pain, he started sayin " when i was young my brother's….." Its the same kinda situation for heavyweight Gm pragga😂😂

  25. amazing skill! On the other hand, the interviewer couldn't do his part properly: give Pragg a mic dude!

  26. That's why he is youngest grandmaster

  27. What If he prepared of jee
    Man he'll definately get out bombay

  28. No it's not a skill…Its a superpower🤔

  29. Tentei fazer, mas com o inglês desse Repórter fica muito difícil para um brasileiro compreender. kkk

  30. Please ban these black magic videos from YouTube
    🙏🏼 pragg

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