Practice Speed Chess Match Goes WRONG

Hikaru plays a long and grinding match vs Vladimir Fedoseev, aka BigFish1995. Hikaru will face BigFish in the Speed Chess Championship on Dec 3, 2020.


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  1. Hikaru, you'll win when it really matters. We're rooting for you!

  2. Hilaru… you have too many ads holy crap dude u have a set of ads every freaking 7 minutes it's hard to watch

  3. Man got too much ego
    You got to admit when opponent plays well and outplays you, not only complaining "im not playing well, i would win otherwise"
    Childish really

  4. Fedoseev, what a boss. This dude intimidates Hikaru! Much respect.

  5. Wow this is awesome. I feel like we got an SCC match before the real SCC match

  6. Plot twist: Hikaru is playing bad on purpose to give Fedoseev false confidence in their match and then Hikaru will crush him.

  7. 'That was an accidental blunder by me' lol😂😂

  8. But there is something Wierd with hikaru that it's Not really good, bro, Why everytime u Win a game u Looks Fine and like a monster, and then when u lost u say oh im not in a good shape i feel sick not playing good chess i'm playing poor chees…, Hikaru We Love You Dude, No Need For That Ego, Just Acknowledge That ur opponent is that Good, i mean, There is no shame with loosing few games to fedosseev, u Still The Boss Here, We All Know That Before U Even Start Streaming And Demonstrate ur Skills, Keep Going <3
    Ur Biggest Fan <3
    Best Regards,

  9. Take a shot everytime he says " i blundered"

  10. "I'm not happy with my play so far"…I've been saying this my whole life lol

  11. What is this is just a mental game by Hikaru, he is giving Fedoseev confidence and later in the competition he'll absolutely destroy that confidence and then get a winning streak against him.

  12. biggie Bigfish (Naka calls him that) has turned into a piranha. Naka needs to turn into super saiyan mode vs a fully-formed Frieza if he wants to beat him next month.

  13. Always good to have humbling experiences like that, only makes you stronger

  14. "I blundered, but I didn't blunder, that was an accidental blunder by me"
    -Hikaru Nakamura, 2020

  15. I know the chances are probably incredibly low but I do hope fedo beats nikaru hakamura

  16. Hikaru, get some sleep, stop admonishing yourself, play some music you love, drink your favourite energy drinks & ignore chat till your SCC match. We love you dude, you’ve got this, you always play the right moves in the end when it matters.

  17. This is one of the reasons why i feel fedoseev is underated he has amazing speed and tactical skills in positions where he finds counterplay out of nowhere like hikaru said and has beaten countless gms despite not being in many OTB tournaments. He is one of the best in my opinion and i feel that he deserves to be respected more and be in the top 30 and not top 60 despite rating as he has shown time from time again despite always being underrated and not that much of a fan favorites, has suprised and destroyed the competition completely like how he managed to beat hikaru right now. Tell me your opinion on this underated fav

  18. Fedoseev is so damn strong online, he's literally the only player I've seen who consistently have Nakamura and Carlsen on their toes at all times

  19. 1:39:04 one of those days, you put the queen on g4 exactly to exploit the pin of the f2 bishop and you missed a free piece!!, in a normal day the score should have been like 14 to 6 for naka.

  20. Fedoseev is a very strong player, so he could win firoujza

  21. hikaru joins TSM
    also kikaru: "i almost inted there"
    he's learning new ideas, vocab :thinking:

  22. So many times in this match Naka has a chance to take a pawn and be up material and he doesn’t do it.

  23. The way you were playing against the fish was how I play against 1400's lmao

  24. I'm glad Hikaru uploaded this match. Well done.

  25. Now I want Fedoseev to win it all. If he wins, if he wins, IF he wins….

  26. I took 5 minutes to understand everything going on at 26:30, that's some really hot stuff he did right there

  27. "I blundered but I didn't blunder. That was an accidental blunder by me."

  28. It’s rather crazy how Hikaru with all his experience and ability lets himself poison his own mind with the continuous negativity, shaking his head and whipping himself so badly. A rather very tough watch this one, no entertainment for me unfortunately

  29. Still love to see how you responded under pressure 🦄. Thumbs up for not giving up Hikaru 👽👍🏻

  30. 58:43
    The best botez gambit of the year award goes to………
    And btw, if hikaru plays like this in the SCC tournament, it is very doubtful if he even makes it to the semi finals!!

  31. idk, Hikaru feels like he's been losing his ground lately, not just with Fedoseev, with everyone.

  32. Not every day you can see that someone is farming Hikaru lol

    Btw Hikaru plays so good that when someone is on top of Hikaru it looks like breaking news.
    Also looks like Bigfish is pretty strong GM.

  33. Hikaru Ой-Ёй-Ёй-Ай-Яй-Яй Nakamura

  34. Hikaru: Makes a small positional inaccuracy
    Also Hikaru: Ah I blundered, what a horrible blunder

  35. can someone explain to me how he blundered at 49:20? doesnt look like a blunder to me at all

  36. This is the worst I have seen from Hikaru. Hard to believe he actually made that much blunders. May be he was just giving chance to Fedoseev?

  37. " I blundered, but I didn't blunder, maybe an accidental blunder"😂😂


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  39. Hikaru: "I just need to win 3 in a row somewhere and I'll stop."
    Me: Checks time left in video.
    1 hour remaining
    Me: ….

  40. Hey gm u can try stockfish 10 vs u wow to see

  41. я был в шоке от результата, Федос могет)

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