Practice Drills on Extra Piece Conversion

International Master Danny Rensch takes on a piece advantage against the all might Stockfish from one of’s “Drill Trainer” positions. See if Danny can get his pieces coordinated in time to stop Black’s attack.


  1. why is it called 'extra bishop' instead of 'extra knight'?

  2. i thought all along the g1 knight is the worst piece
    i would happily exchange it for the 2 pawns on the f and g files and then have 2 connected outside passers
    but hes the IM
    he prolly knows better /shrug

  3. Thanks for a great video ! Danny !

  4. Danny, I think you completely misunderstood the position.
    This is a pretty classical position. Center pawns are blocked and therefore each side is playing on his own flank, on a flank where he is stronger. White is playing on the queenside, and black is playing on the kingside. General rule in such closed positions states(let's imagine for a moment that material is equal): it's impossible to defend in closed positions. A certain side is, by playing on flank that it's stronger at, going to win there sooner or later as his pieces are much better on that flank than opponent's. Opponent should counterattack on the other flank. In your position, you should have just played a4 preparing to attack on the side where you're stronger, queenside. Playing moves like g3 and h3 are just simply strategically useless and bad. Yes, the pawns are there pretty forwardly placed, but really, is he THREATENING anything yet? Nope. In defending positions, there are 3 golden rules GM Igor Smirnov state in one webinar of his: 1. identify and stop threats. 2. neutralize opponent's actively placed dangerous pieces. 3. counterattack. In this example, he neither had threats nor he had active pieces. You should have just went for the queenside. And not to mention white is a piece up! 😉
    So I think your mistake was moving and "defending" on the king-side where there wasn't a need to do so.

  5. I was playing this in the morning and I was busted to say seeing losing danny lose made me feel good


  6. I noticed that, when you exchanged bishops, you traded your 'good' bishop for his 'bad' one. Although you are a piece up, your bishop is completely hemmed in by your pawns. What was your strategic idea behind the bishop trade?

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