Ponziani Opening TRAPS | Chess Tricks to WIN Fast | Brilliant Moves, Tactics, Ideas & Strategy

Ponziani Opening Traps – There are various chess opening tricks, strategies, gambits, moves, tactics and ideas that you can use to win fast. In this chess video, I will show you some secret ponziani variations that you can use to win more games. Most of these traps are for white & there is one line for black as well. This can be fun to try against your friends & opponents who have not seen such traps before. We will cover ponziani countergambit, ponziani steinitz gambit & jaenisch counterattack. This can be very effective against beginner & intermediate level players (almost 80% players fall for these traps). I also have an interesting chess puzzle at the end of this video, let’s see if you can solve that.

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  1. first we sacrifice qween on c8,
    then we play bishop to e6,
    that's a double check,
    so the king has to move
    only one squre is safe and that is d8,
    then we simply mate it on rook to c8;
    thats an opera's mate

  2. You're the secretary of explaining stuff. Thanks for what you do.

  3. In the puzzle, the first move for white is queen to c8 check. The king has to take the queen. Then bishop to e6. It is a double check with the rook and the bishop, so the king has to move back to d8. Then play rook to c8. That is a checkmate.

  4. In this position you sacrafice the QUEEEEEEEEEEEN

  5. You sac the queen on c8 black take with the king then Bishop to e6 double check the king to d8 rook to c8 is mate , like if I’m right

  6. i learn a lot on thus channel ..this can help on for my shorts videos

  7. Qc8,Kxc8,Bxf7 which gives black king a check and the bishop is attacking the Queen.

  8. Bro THIS OPENING IS HALF NOT GOING TO WORK AND HALF GOING TO WORK bc for begginers they usually do not put their pieces in a correct place or they just put random pieces randomly so sometimes openings are useless i recommend using defences

  9. Qc8 -> king takes (forced) -> be6 (double check) -> kd8 (forced) -> rd8! Mate

  10. e5 pon x d4pon means what will happn

  11. Alif Moohammad Alif -ur Rahman Mridha says:

    The best move: At first the Bishop c4 to f7, the Queen is in danger and the opponent will take the bishop by the queen to save it self. Then keep your queen g4 to c8 and it is a checkmate. If the opponent queen doesn't takes the bishop then he has two options, one it will be checkmate and other the opponent will sacrifice his queen. If he sacrifice his queen then the game is in your hand. By the way which country you are? I am Bangladeshi 🇧🇩 Muslim.

  12. White mates in 3 by Queen Sacrifice:

    Qc8+, K×c8
    Be6+, Kd8

  13. The Ponziani does not convince me. The trap for Black after Bc5 does not have any convincing answer

  14. Watched the video and then i tried it in a match my opponent just played the waste of a move and then it ended up in a draw

  15. 4:50 not take knight instead Qe2 he eat then knightc6 black queen is out of the board

  16. Every player have their own way of thinking so all traps your talking about is almost impossible to do in real f2f chess game

  17. Pov you learn chess
    The chess teacher u pay: 🙁
    A random indian sounding guy on youtube: 🙂

  18. Puzzle answer would be Bishop to F7 sacrificing it to the Queen or the Queen goes, then Queen to C8 Checkmate

  19. For those who didn't solve it:

    The puzzle goes like Qc8+ Kxc8-> Be6+ Kd8-> Rc8#

  20. Castling is the stupidest thing in Chess, I won every game that the opponent had castled, moving the king to a corner with a few measly pawns to guard and trapped, I just need a bishop and something else to finish the game if the opponent castled. Castled should not be used in every game like its norm. Unnecessary castling will make you lose the match.

  21. No one nottice at 2:56 we can give qg4+ and win a night except of castle

  22. 1.Qc8 kxc8
    2.Be6+ Kd8

  23. Qc8,king takes then Be6 double check then king goes to d8 and rook c8 is mate

  24. Love this guys videos. The catch 22 with traps is that the only people that would fall for them are the same people that will never play sensible responses to your moves which means you never get the setup.

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