Pirc Defense vs Spike Variation | Chess Lesson # 116

Yes, we keep learning about the Pirc defense! Now in lesson # 116 , we will see how GM Yasser Seirawan handled it in one of his games. Many years ago, I saved this game in my files because I really liked a strong plan he implemented to counterattack and punish his opponent’s lack of development. I hope you enjoy this game as much as me and get to use these ideas at some point in your Chess journey.

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Learn how to play Chess the right way from beginner to master level. National Master Robert Ramirez will take you up the pyramid by following a proven Chess training program he has been improving and implementing for over 10 years.

Benefits of Playing Chess:
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– Sparks your creativity
– Teaches planning and foresight
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Chess is an intellectual battle where players are exposed to numerous mental processes such as analysis, attention to detail, synthesis, concentration, planning and foresight. Psychological factors are also present on and off the board; playing Chess stimulates our imagination and creativity. Every single move a player makes is the result of a deep analysis based on the elements presented on the battlefield.

Chess in its essence teaches us psychological, sociological and even moral values. In a Chess game, both players start with the same amount of material and time. The fact that the white pieces move first is considered to be practically irrelevant —especially because a player typically plays one game as white and one game as black. Consequently, the final result of the battle solely depends on each player. It doesn’t matter if you win by taking advantage of your opponent’s mistakes or by simply avoiding mistakes yourself. Truth is that Chess is an extremely individual sport and our defeats can only be blamed on ourselves and no one else. And this, in the end, only benefits us because we learn to be and feel responsible for our actions and never come up with excuses to justify ourselves.

We also learn that when it comes to our victories on the board, our opponent’s mistakes play a more significant role than our own skills. Let’s not forget that a Chess game without any mistakes would be a draw. This way, Chess provides us with another valuable life lesson: be humble at all times.

About National Master Robert Ramirez:

With an outstanding background as a professional Chess player and over 8 years of teaching experience, Robert Ramirez brings both his passion and his expertise to the board, helping you believe & achieve!

Robert Ramirez was introduced to the fascinating world of Chess when he was 5 years old and has participated in prestigious tournaments such as the World Open Chess Tournament and the Pan American Intercollegiate Team Championships. Thanks to his performance, he has earned his National Master title from the United States Chess Federation.

Currently, NM Ramirez and his carefully selected team teach at several private schools in the counties of Miami-Dade and Broward and they also offer private lessons. He says the key to their success as Chess coaches is their ability to adapt to every student and to make lessons fun and interesting for students and even their family members.


  1. I was waiting for a new video; I did not know this bariation thank you sssssoooooooooo mmmmuucchh I will study it now; and thank you for the studies on lichess thank you thank you you are the best really I will start it now if I have any questions I will say it 🙂

  2. Robert is a likely that a mediocre player can get to be a high level one with tactics or is it not even worth trying

  3. i just fininish it what an organisation of pieaces scare etc ; i know yasser i watch some video of him on youtube very humble but your lesson its just veryyyy very helpful for me thank you so mucj for all master

  4. Loved it! I could see where the king was going and this plan is new but fits in well with the other Pirc openings and ideas you taught us.

  5. Excelente idea!,gracias NM Robert por el vídeo.

  6. Hit my first chess tournament OTB and went from unrated to >1300. I’m coming for that NM title, coach!
    1 Vienna game
    1 Pirc
    1 London
    All lines taught by NM Ramirez.
    Thanks for the lessons. I keep referring to you hope people realize how lucky we are to have this high quality, highly palatable, yet somehow free instruction.

  7. Most complete course about Pirc! Thanks RobRam!

  8. Can't thank you enough for all this free and incredible study material ! I mostly end up sacrificing in the wrong way in the end due to time management, but getting out of the opening with a solid plan is definitely thanks to you 🙂

  9. Hey Robert have you ever thought about doing a pirc chessable course? There is one but by a person who isn't a pirc player… I would definitely buy it!!!

  10. Grand of you to show this alternative and instructional game. My favored move was the Kings Rook to protect the Kings Indian Bishop. EXCELLENT diversity in your teachings, Thank you so much!! … Mike

  11. wonderful game, wonderful analysis, thanks. The hard part for me was to leave the Nb8 and Bc8 home, and deciding the rook and queen should be developed first.

  12. start a Sicilian defense series plz 🙂 thanks you.

  13. Hii
    Can you please make a video on
    Thank you

  14. Thanks for posting this very instructional game. Been in similar positions. Never thought of Rg8!. Will use it this week against an aggressive player.

  15. Excellent, I learnt so much, thank you

  16. Nope I did not think of developing the rook by moving the bishop

  17. Put the rook on the f file because the rook is pinned then take rook with queen

  18. Hello Robert. I'd like to have some private lessons with you. How can we get in contact? Could you please give your email to establish a connection.

  19. I love the way you keep revising master !!
    Alot to learn from you ❤️❤️💎💎

  20. Thanks for the video. After watching your videos, I also started playing Pirc against e4 and d4.

  21. I have gone through all the lesson …and you made me a really good player that how to think how to apply plans everything…..Thank you so much sir….
    I have one request
    Please make videos on games of all the great players and their style and strategy …

  22. Very nice game, thank you,! Chess looks so simple sometimes..

  23. thanks! Any chance you could drop a short vid on how to counter the English Opening (c4) or the Bird (f4) with KID/Pirc ? Those always throw me for a bit of a loop.

  24. Thank you, Robert, for another quality, helpful video lesson! Both the quiet, flexible c6 and the effective Rb8 are very instructive. I also love the way you refer to other lessons to reinforce the concepts. Kids who have you for a teacher are very lucky!

  25. This is great, thanks. Who are some of the other masters that favor the Pirc defense that we can study? cheers 🙂

  26. I thought black would trade his light squared Bishop because most of whites pawns are on light squares snuffing the activity. …Ba6 was my idea early on

  27. Very very nice… Thank you idol for your very detailed presentation.. you are a great teacher and my idol now..

  28. Ayyyy, I guessed the Ke7 move correctly, nice

    Edit: Found Bd7 as well 😀

  29. 21:00 I think there was a check with queen takes pawn on g6 if you took the d6 pawn

  30. A great game full of chess fundamentals, tactics, and strategies. Worth studying more than once.

  31. I think my brain grows every time , when I see your videos 😅

  32. I will study so that I can teach to my new chess lovers….

  33. Awesome another Pirc lesson (.)(.) I like it.

  34. 16:30 these lesson paid off. I paused the video looked at checks, etc and decided Bd7 gotta be the move activating the other rook.

  35. Hi coach please analyse pric défense vs rat defense harmonist

  36. Kd7 i liked most normally we plan for castling in the game

  37. A belated thank you to coach Robert for this video and series. Oddly no one I've played using the Pirc ever attacked me with the Spike. Mostly 150 and Austrian, but now I know what to do!

  38. intead of rook e8+ ta tactic does knight takes a4 work?

  39. I had just finished a game when I experienced this technique. The g8 rook definitely would have helped. I won the game regardless, but it would have helped

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