Nimzo-Larsen Trap: Chess Opening Tricks to WIN FAST #Shorts

A Famous Trap in the Nimzowitsch-Larsen Attack Opening to WIN Fast. This Chess Opening Trick was played in a grandmaster game between Adhiban Baskaran (white pieces) & David Navara (black pieces) in the prestigious MrDodgy Invitational 2.0 2021 organised by Chess24.
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  1. Everything is sooo gud..🎉🎉🎉…But u r today having an amazing followers d reason is that ur awesome presentation by ur words Mee alsooo fidaa for ur voice sir jiii😍❤️😘💞

  2. Black queen can save king from checkmate

  3. Now I started using the nimzo Larsen attack not for the trap but because I actually like it

  4. There should be an Indian accent for English. Wait….there is one

  5. Wooooaaaah. The sniper was already there with clean angle. 🤯🤯🤯🤯

  6. छत्रपति शिवाजी चेस कोचिंग Rewa home tuition says:


  7. But the problem is the opposition who are watching this.


  9. Davis won't have resigned he could handle this I found but grandmaster not

  10. What if the next move of black would be:- Bc8-f5×Kf5

  11. Bro you don't know the opponents move so this is only use when you play with yourself 😅😂

  12. Why not queen kills the pawn rather then knight?

  13. What if he cuts the knight with his bishop

  14. He would have been escaped from mate insted of quitting his match

  15. David to fudu hai ..khailna ni ata usse …..🤣🤣🤣

  16. One thing I learnt from chess as a life Wisdom . Nothing is as easy as it Sounds . Things might look easy From surface but Complex as they start to improve

  17. I Love This man …I watch his videos and I defeated my uncle

  18. I think Bishop can took the Horse…and stop the checkmate

  19. Why can't you kill horse with camel so queen kills camel so check mate is gone!!!!Check it once

  20. Why David didn't capture the knight with Bishop

  21. I like his videos but not his strong indian accent 🤣

  22. You have to customize this attack in order to get the final result… it is catastrophic to think opponent will commit blunders.

  23. bhai knight aa skta h queen me tempo ke sath agr bishop se marte h to queen se bishop marne pr koi loss nii hoga aur made bhi nii pata nii kaise resign krr diya

  24. Adiban – by the wau nice dress 😂😂
    Apart from jokes he is a great player

  25. the Indian accent is the most disgusting thing in the world🤮

  26. What if the opponent plays knight to the b4 . What then ? What could be played? This is the horrible move to stop the trap..

  27. There is a mistake when you move your first horse between both knight he is in danger by the enemy horse

  28. Me during this vid: Understandable have a nice day
    Me during chess game: What am I supposed to do again?

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