Nimzo-Larsen Trap: Chess Opening Tricks to WIN FAST #Shorts

A Famous Trap in the Nimzowitsch-Larsen Attack Opening to WIN Fast. This Chess Opening Trick was played in a grandmaster game between Adhiban Baskaran (white pieces) & David Navara (black pieces) in the prestigious MrDodgy Invitational 2.0 2021 organised by Chess24.
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  1. Why the best move is to play knight b4?? Why not queen c5 ? taking pawn and threatening knight f5

  2. This is one of the rare interesting YouTube shorts…

  3. Thanks for such great tricks and traps
    There's a problem in this
    It's not the checkmate after the White queen's move to G4, because,
    The black bishop can stop the checkmate as it can capture the knight on F5 so that this will not be a checkmate✌🏻
    I think that David Navara was a fool🤪🤪

  4. Maat na hoti yadi black ne ghode ko apne utha se mar dia hota toh👍

  5. Why can't black queen take white pawn in D5 in between steps and threatening white knight at the same time. Can anybody explain plz. I am new to chess.

  6. you never fail to impress me even with your old videos

  7. What happens if the queen captures pawn on d5?

  8. What if he take my knight with bishop?

  9. But before the mate what is the bishop captures the knight?

  10. If he move to pawn to G6 then he didn't lose..

  11. Agar ghoda ko bishop sa maar dia toh pura plan k L lag jatah 😂

  12. Black bishop can take white knight and avoid checkmate

  13. When the queen moved to g4, Black could simply advance the pawn on g7 to g5. If Queen would capture the pawn on then black's queen would recapture.

  14. Jita kon?..I have limited knowledge about chess

  15. He can often move his solider forward in front of white queen

  16. 1.1k dislikes. Not sure how this happens.
    Great work Chess Talk!

  17. Vear bad you have mistake comeing 10 moves

  18. But he can easily stop it if he captures the pawn with queen directly n will have better dominance

  19. Bro whites chackmate stop in one move for black kk ….qeen f6

  20. But what if black takes knight witj bishop and queen takes knight then check mate will not happen?

  21. He should have killed white's night with his bishop, instead he chose to move his knight. What a terrible move!

  22. This was the first opening I learnt when I was a kid

  23. The queen can take the pawn on d5 and then it would have the advantage.

  24. lol, no one plays like this, 3 attacks at the same yime 😂

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