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  1. Why people find this rude ? I mean he didn't say he didn't give af lol he just said he don't care and what would you expect him to do ? lie ? he says he don't care because he don't care lmao

  2. I have a suggestion. If on a certain day where there is draw in the classical game, each player get 0.25 points. On the same day they continue to play one rapid game. The winner of rapid game gets 0.5 points so the round end score would be 0.75 vs 0.25. If rapid is drawn, they get 0.5-0.5.

  3. That awkward silence after the "I don't care" 😂

  4. "Now I think the tournament can be even longer" 😂😂

  5. nepo trying to sound cool each time he says i dont care and then smirks like a child. Super childish behaviour, one reason i dont like him as a person

  6. She said, what about you Ding and the transition went what about shooting 😂😂

  7. okay im gonna ask the question everyone has: who is the cutie in the middle?

  8. I love how, at the very end, a bit after Ding's answer that these rounds would be classical, Ian's facial expression goes : "Well you're masochist mad lad, my friend"

  9. Ding actually needs more time since Ian currently has the lead lol

  10. Ding wants more rounds because Nepo is a fatso whose poor physical condition would matter more in a long match

  11. you can totally tell that both players don't want to be there [press conference]. They are both tired and want to get some rest. Both of them are very tired from the tournament.

  12. Ding wants FIDE to give 4 hours for the first 40 moves Xd

  13. This is the humor and confidence i wanna see from Ding while answering those questions

  14. Rare footage of press asking a decent question

  15. I started the tournament cheering for Ian. But every time I listen to the players talk, Ding wins me over. He has humble, intelligent, humorous answers. Ian just comes off as arrogant and trying too hard to be edgy with his "I don't care", or "ask me later".

  16. Ding nailed it. Ian is in a mood where he feels confident but i wont be surprised if Ding wins the match. That would insane. People just think is a certain win for Ian, he still has to face the worst games. These last games are like the last 10 seconds in a boxing round, where the opponent will go all in to KO you if hes down in the score

  17. Actually, it would be pretty cool to have 8 classical games, 4 rapid games and 2 bullet instead of 14 classical. Like mega-super-championship

  18. Ian looks like he went exploring in a forgotten ancient pyramid and saw a spirit he wasn't supposed to see. His demeanor is so much different than the last time around, like night and day.

  19. I love the way ian laughed after dings answer 😂

  20. Less of the press conference after the games 😀

  21. I really don't understand where do they bring these dumb journalists from.

  22. based ding man lets bring back the old format!!!

  23. Why this stupid press conference is conducted after every match. Absurd questions

  24. After those press conferences I started to love Ding hes super funny

  25. Bro basicly said: good sacrifice, its a blunder. 😂

  26. Why does no one have a personality in the chess world

  27. Lmao its the same woman that got humiliated💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  28. Nepo is funny each time but they leave him talking to the wind

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