My First Rotation Hand Drawn 2D Animation with a Chess Piece

One of the first animations I ever drew to practice different angles and perspectives. The object I chose was a chess piece. c 2019


  1. Sometimes you see an artist and you just KNOW. You know they are gonna be great, have a great passion, and come to be a great influence on art. This is you. GREAT job and please please never give up

  2. awesome lol youtube just recommended this vid to me

  3. Nice! Probably cost you 3 hours of your life time 😂

  4. It looks great man! As a small critique id try and keep one of the points on what your drawing steady throughout the different frames so that the spinning is more convincing and you dont get that bobbing up and down gl!

  5. Youtube recommended me this vid. I like it the knight looks cute, you did a good job!

  6. Great job! My favorite piece too. Maybe do queen next?

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