Me learning a new chess opening

Made by @Harris Alterman

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  1. When u forget that countergambits exist

  2. Hey if you're dissapointed of how these openings are and that no one plays luke they should you can start that opening and if it gets bad then you could keep with another
    It has worked on me

  3. damn back when I used to play Kings Gambit, Urusov Gambit, von hennig schara gambit

  4. Doctor Adel Zaki Ψ―ΩƒΨͺور ΨΉΨ§Ψ―Ω„ Ψ²ΩƒΩŠ says:

    All of us this one played as the book says

  5. My friend: I resign
    Me: Why? I only moved a pawn
    No no, he's got a point

  6. I tried queen's gambit when I learned it, but I forgot how it went when I was actually playing

  7. I have played only 1.d4 for a week now. I'm having a mental breakdown.

  8. *makes three moves*. aha! You've fallen trap to my signature opening : *googles*. g.. grob?

  9. Bro literally wgen they actually fall into it, i go nuts but they never do😭

  10. For me i forgot before i could use it

  11. Bro same, I learned the Dutch defence, but everyone plays e4 😭

  12. My opponent placing his pieces for an aggressive opening.

    Me a low elo guy : just disrupts the balance by taking his pieces and some of my sacs

  13. Yo_its_Jovenβ”—(β€’Λ‡_Λ‡β€’)―→ says:

    Yes some stupid former IMs putting random "checkmate in 9" and gambit videos to get views while ruining the actual talent of people

  14. When I learn a new chess opening:
    "You have reached your weekly limit of 0 lessons."

  15. Really me when I learned my first opening

  16. All you chess pros/nerds out there, is there actually an opening called β€œfried liver attack”? πŸ’€

  17. Pov: your opponent take on f7 with bishop in traxlar counterattack.

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