Me learning a new chess opening

Made by @Harris Alterman

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  1. As bad as I am, I'm ashamed I am a clone of this guy😭😭

  2. See you gotta learn all the variations if you know all the variations no matter what he does after c5 for example is a book move

  3. I know 3 London opening queens gambit and a opening witch 2 bishop and knight are out

  4. this video came just after i learnt one. thank

  5. I try to learn new openings, but- ultimately It’s not the easiest to coerce your opponent into making moves. Especially first turn.

  6. Me, a 600 elo player who learned the kings gambit just because nobody above 1200 knows its theory: 😈

  7. Pretty much every player ever if you manage to deny scholar's mate and cap the queen.

  8. * goes back to the 4-move checkmate *

  9. When I'm learning a new opening I'll literally resign resign until someone does the opening LOL

  10. Me when I tried to learn queens gambit old variation


  12. That’s why you have to play without knowing the theory, so that you cannot be surprised

  13. Whats the point of learning openings and tricks if they dont work?

  14. Me when someone plays the fucking closed Sicilian

  15. when u play chess only online then play a normal person

  16. I have that exact same chess board or one that almost identical

  17. Wait no why are you playing differently than the video?!

  18. Same happened to me while I was playing the same opening.its the fried liver attack btw

  19. i don't believe in openings, a good game should be playable without brute force or memorization. well, at least until the only opponent left is stockfish

  20. 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 h6 4. Resign

  21. Fried Liver is hard to memorize all the theories

  22. This is so true when you learn a new opening and tried it, people will always find a way to counter it

  23. My favorite oppening is the kinks ganbit

  24. I did that like 2 minutes ago WTF. U stalking me???

  25. the way he threw that night out like it was a stallion marching off to war LOL

  26. That is exactly what happens it really sucks

  27. I learned a new chess opening and I tried it against my grndpa and I was like: Mission failed try again.

  28. Do not learn any openings nor gambits.
    Never let them predict your next move if you dont know what you are doing either

  29. This is why I literally never tried learning chess. Cuz I feel like all I'd be doing if I learnt it is to just recite what I memorized n it takes all the fun for me since what I like is the challenge of getting myself out of a tight spot or oversmarting my oponent. Do u guys think I should give it a try tho? All I know is how each piece moves n that's it but I enjoy playing chess

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