Mate in 6 moves! Budapest Trap #shorts #chess


  1. Su belleza de por si ya es un gambito por sí solo ❤❤

  2. This video shows how important it is to stay focused in the opening 😂

  3. With a rebel yell, she cried more, more, more

  4. I will never lose like that to a pretty girl …the cute ones that I know don't know how to put gas on a car nor play chess

  5. no one plays knight infront of queen 💀

  6. Ok, but who puts the knight there after Queen's pawn opening? Is it some line I don't know?

  7. I would much prefer it without any music

  8. It’s funny coz this could be solved by putting the knight where it’s meant to go

  9. I will be loosing likke that too if sshes my opponent

  10. literally any opponent with a brain would see that

  11. I'd rather play chest with her. Mate on the first move…

  12. I lost cause I forgot to move my prices 😞.

  13. Not even a monkey would develop their knight like that

  14. I would have fell for this trap myself.

  15. Wow i will use it in my games reply if you will use it too

  16. Кто будет ставить коня на c2?

  17. کصخل هیچ کسی اسب شو d2 نمیزاره

  18. Great job. The real challenge: find someone who goes knight d2

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