When you try to checkmate your opponent it is always a good practice to try to take away the king escape squares

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  1. Lol, guess who got farmed…., great reaction Alex.

  2. Thumbnail: When you eat ice cream too quickly.

  3. The Metal screams are so Good! You need to form a Band! Lol

  4. Alex misses a lot of mates, and I’m not talking about chess.

  5. i will unsubcribe you, wtf you are doing is just scream so loud and i dont even know when will you scream to mute, im watching you at midnight and so fking disappointed

  6. You really need to get outside and play people outside..
    Evergreen Chess is going at it again..

  7. Dude is waiting checks to end so he can end his career

  8. Leave that check
    Tell us how was it with magnus?

  9. Oh, so calm! You're the epiphany of calmness today. I had expected you to be like a raging bull with a stinging wasp up his nose, but no… You're calm.
    Nice mate, btw. 😀

  10. i fix my eyes on how the pieces moves until i hear her scream.
    I also got shocked to her scream 😅

  11. Ya I can't. Scream scream not funny scream smore. Bye

  12. What did bro mean "we're gonna farm this guy" 💀💀☠

  13. 1:12 2.Re4 is a better move. not only does it block the queen, it WINS the queen, who is forced to go to h6 and get pinned by/traded for the e4 rook. how, because if black doesn't move the queen to h6, white plays the killer 3. Qf7+!, which wins not only the queen, but THE GAME!!! 3. Qf7+ Kh8 4.Rh4+ Qh6 5. Rxh6+ Bxh6 6.Qh7#.

    aaaaaand 2 …Rd4 crushed my dreams. Still, Re4 does leave white up the exchange, so it still is winning. 😐

  14. Thumbnail: when someone turn the headphone volume to max before you wear it.

  15. Reminds me of the "sucker punch game" between Reti vs Tartakower, 1910.

  16. Om Mani Padme Hum; calming chant for you Alex

  17. opps! hahaha, almosts only count in Horse-shoes Alex

  18. What kind of piano music in the background? Sounds like Mozart? 🙂

  19. I wanted to enjoy the classical music, but I knew I had to mute early to save my ears. Such conflicting emotions 😞

  20. I would love to be a slave of this beautiful mistress

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