Magnus on Women in Chess


  1. Call me sexist but men are better chess players

  2. Magnus: the environment has not been good to them
    Bobby Fischer: ¿What are you, a feminist?

  3. It's hilarious that we can accept men and women's bodies are physically different.

    But we can't accept that men and women's brains are different.

  4. how can someone so professionally speak with absolute political correctness

  5. Today that question could ruin you life

  6. Men are simply better like Football , Tennis, Formula1, Cricket, Rugby, Swimming, Ice hockey, Basketball, Athletics and though Women love Cooking cannot deny Men are the Best Chefs !!
    Women are better in the Bedroom or Laundry or Gossipping

  7. If there is no genetics involved then why are there gender specific tournaments? In football or tennis the different sports are there because it would be unfair for women since men are much stronger, heavier and faster on average. But what is the logic in chess if we are equal?

  8. This YouTuber is a fraud as the thumbnail proves.

  9. At least Fischer had the balls to say the truth

  10. Bruh I was randomly scrolling and right after this short came the interview of Boby Fischer from 1973💀💀

  11. Even he can’t fully agree with himself.

  12. It's a fact that men are better at chess because of differences between the male and female brain.

  13. Women can be as good as men, just most women probably don’t enjoy the intense analytical thinking required to play it at the highest level. So they don’t do it as much.

  14. I don’t think the tv show will make a huge difference as most young children won’t see it as it’s not really that appropriate, however it may inspire both mothers and fathers to get their young girls involved in playing.

  15. Magnus trying to not get cancelled 😂😂😂😂😂😂 men are better than woman , ON EVERYTHING.

  16. Actually Magnus thinks women AND MEN suck at chess, because he beats all of them equally, no matter the gender

  17. Now that's an answer! Magnus has been such a hugely positive influence for the game.

  18. meanwhile Bobby: women should stick to cleaning and waiting at home

  19. Says the person who disrespected a woman who is 4 times women's world chess championship winner

  20. I don't think woman can handle the levels of stress chess gives players at the highest level.
    Hell, even most men can't handle it

  21. Total bull. Girls generally don’t get interested in chess same way they don’t get interested in engineering, IT and programming, maths. Usual caveats: Generally and on the whole, 80/20 applies … there are women engineers more talented than me … blah blah

  22. Why the heck does chess have a gendered category to begin with?

  23. there's way less women that's why they "loose" more. men loose as much, but there's is double the men winning. the ideia of men being better because they win more is mathematically incorrect. of course more men win when there's more (much more than majority) to win. it's like a 10/90 ratio, if 45 men loose, 45 men win. but if 10 women win, only 10 men loose…etc. the ratio is unfair. if judge individually not by gender, than there's chance. but everytime a woman loose a match they weight because "woman" somehow. and men loosing a game is like everyday, whatever.

  24. when it comes to physical sports sure 1000%

  25. All the elo 1200 plebs with their neckbeards coming out talkin smack about the best player in world history

  26. Honestly it's good to get sleep paralysis nick mullen's take on chess every now and then

  27. There should be tournamets between men and women from younger age…otherwise its not fair to compare.

  28. why don't people realise that he's literally reading a scripted answer someone else wrote for him?

  29. Testosterone. That's the genetic difference that makes men better.

  30. "women hates me, I repel them" Magnus Carlson

  31. Too bad Bobby's record was broken by a woman

  32. Why do the women use a different elo system? Womens world champ is definitely higher rated then 2540 or whatever it is. She would be 2650-2700 in men's rating

  33. Biological reason number 1, men's brains have faster reaction time and reason 2, men have better patern recognition. In long form chess not much of a difference in skill but in the fast paced games men actually do have an advantage.

  34. Has a women been a grand master and won everything???

  35. Kind of you magnus, but I'm pretty sure there's a biological limitation, the same way in other sports. It is less apparent in chess of course.

  36. Yea, testosterone has nothing to do with the drive to succeed… at all. Clearly

  37. Bro I just watched Fisher video when they ask about how he think about women.. Resepct magnus

  38. He knows he’s lying. To state that the disparity is based on sexism and not biological differences is absurd.

  39. Bobby Fischer would destroy Magnus.

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