Magnus Carlsen Vs Hikaru Nakamura God Level Speed Chess #shorts #chess #magnuscarlsen #hikaru

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  1. Had to watch it in 2.5x but still pausing.

  2. Japanese American and Norwegian both become Italians at the end of the match.

  3. this is why I think the clocks should be fixed into the table so they don't move around when getting slapped like that e

  4. Hikaru got 7m24s left 😅did magnus late again? 😂

  5. chess timers so outdated dunno why they still using it lol

  6. Nice match and magnus loose the match as the time was over

  7. When chess pieces actually fought 😂

  8. New Stretegy: bring the pieces closer to your side so it takes longer for your opponent to reach for the pieces and the clock

  9. Guys who won? I can't understand both were complaining 😅

  10. May be magnus came late to the game 😂

  11. 2 mins silence for everyone who doesn't know what's happening on the board, including me 😂

  12. Like if you think that there should be chess animes😅

  13. Me and my friend did it faster (we don't know anything about chess and are moving it anywhere we want)

  14. horrible time control by tournament manager rated chess otb should always have increment or delay or its gonna be a mess

  15. This is the first time when chess clock was saying

    "Someone help me…"

    Hikaru and Magnus 1 vs 1 This is a situation where chess clocks don't want to be in their own place 😆

  16. Magnus in suit: playing with co god

    Magnus in sleep pants: playing with kids level


  17. Bro look at hikaru's time definitely the fastest chess player in the world

  18. No Clock has harmed in this Video 😂😅😂😅😂

  19. Magnus hits the clock before moving a piece at the end 😂

  20. Both look frustrated 😂 subscribe guys❤

  21. "He not have girlfriend he can go on" ??????

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