Magnus Carlsen VS Bill Gates CHESS …is 30 SECONDS enough?

Watch my explanation of the game:
Source full interview on Skavlan:

Magnus Carlsen VS Bill Gates CHESS is 30 SECONDS enough?

A match up of epic proportion, the worlds richest man versus the worlds best chess player, one game… on Norwegian TV…

1. e4 Nc6 2. Nf3 d5 3. Bd3 Nf6 4. exd5 Qxd5 5. Nc3 Qh5 6. O-O Bg4 7. h3 Ne5 8. hxg4 Nfxg4 9. Nxe5 Qh2

Famous Game, famous chess match, funny chess meme. Gothamchess vs agadmator, commentated by gmhikaru or hikaru nakamura.

Great name, greatname.



  1. I like how Bill Gates thought "I'll just castle"

  2. Audience are laughing without knowing what actually is going on lol

  3. Man, i would kill to have those time odds! I would probably still lose, burr I'm sure i would at least make the game interesting, maybe even win. I know a lot of theory on my Reti opening.

  4. The fact is if you give bill gates Infinite time he will still lose to magnus's 30 second game.

  5. Sorry but Gates was never known to be intelligent person. He is just cunning looter

  6. Look bill lost and won the attitude, in the full video if you see, Magnus went to correct him and bill just ignores him like ah who cares little kids. And I did learn from there that never try to educate immediately after you win a battle

  7. Mujhko sikhao Na Bheem😮🎉😂❤❤😢😮😅😊

  8. Gates thinking he can win against carslen is a joke

  9. In very complex fields, there are layers and layers and layers and layers of expertise

  10. Magnus isn't thinking…he is making his move too fast…
    He knows this method…from book… and thus moves his pieces without even seeing the opponent's move…

  11. Bill :: " I literally lasted longer.."

  12. Your system ran into problem please restart

  13. Now we know that rich people not need to be brilliant 😂

  14. BIll was smart invented something incredible. then took a giant step back and focused on growing his empire

  15. You can tell Bill doesn't know what tf he's doing he's just moving

  16. And that is why chess is no longer on windows

  17. Being good at life doesn’t make you good at chess

  18. Bad game from Bill even if you are going against the best 😂

  19. For all of you reading my comment, 30sec is more than enough against Bill Gates

  20. Bill Gates isn’t a genius Nora is he a fantastic mathematician nor does he have incredible memory. It’s all to do with business, and the way he was able to get the licensing of the programs individually and sell them individually at a higher price over and over again instead of having it as an open software for everyone, so we basically saw the same thing over and over and over again by a software, so it wasn’t even cost of any thing and I think the software he originally made his start of was a couple days or hours worth of work and then he helps with Dyson windows, but I think he just had his name in there. I’m not sure he did a whole heck of a lot other than helping with the licensing and he was the one with the money and Power no people see him as a powerhouse but he’s not a playboy. He’s not a competitor he’s not even much of a nerd. He’s just kind of a beta male Who got stupid rich He was able to program simple, coding software and sell the software for $500 or some thing back in the day which was a lot of money back then and at the volume he sold it and he sold it individually as I’m saying so he sold 500 s so so many times I remember this is the absolute beginning of the beginning after Dawson windows and then the continuation of windows over the years grew into hundreds of billions of dollars I believe he’s worth $20 billion just from shares in Microsoft and it’s a small portion of shares His overall riches is well over $125billion and even though Microsoft isn’t big as it was or could’ve been, he owns. A small portion of shares which grant some Billions and billions dollars he is essentially the founder of the way technology started growing, and what we have today is thanks to his actions more so than his Superintelligence he’s definitely above average, but he’s not a super genius he is, however A super super rich person who we can think for the way the world is today in many ways

  21. Magnus was nervous knocking over that piece thinking bill will knock over him after the match with his net worth

  22. As you can see, Gates has never played a game of chess in his life 😂😂😂

  23. Gates's horse why didn't touch vizier

  24. He should never have agreed to less than 5 minutes. Gates was rushing.

    The game lasted only 90 seconds.

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