Magnus Carlsen TRIES Magnus Chess Academy APP

Magnus Carlsen, the world’s best chess player, has invited anyone interested in mastering chess to join his fun new app, Magnus Chess Academy.
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The feature-packed app, developed by Play Magnus Group, offers an innovative new way to learn the rules of this ancient game in just 10 minutes. It is fun and it is fast. No prior knowledge of chess is necessary.

Once a student has grasped the basics, he or she can then progress on a tailored learning path. Hundreds of interactive lessons are utilized and learning is reinforced through unlockable minigames and puzzles.

New minigames include Ace In The Sleeve and Chess Sprint which are specifically designed to put your lessons into practice, helping you to learn, improve and reinforce.
Each pathway is a block of courses grouped together to ensure that learners master a particular topic or program.

Magnus Chess Academy’s structured learning environment is an exciting new way of learning the game. It draws on the best of Play Magnus Group’s previous app creations including Play Magnus, Magnus Trainer, and Magnus Kingdom of Chess to make chess at any level enjoyable and engaging.

“I am very proud of Magnus Chess Academy, which stands on the shoulders of all of the previous Play Magnus apps,” Norway’s World Champion said. “After years of developing great chess apps, we’ve decided to take all the best features, level them up, and put them all in one place.”

“We’ve also added new features, such as being able to play against other people online!
“I want to pass on some of my chess knowledge to you, and I am sure you’ll train hard and learn a lot from my new Academy. I’ve always had fun with chess going all the way back to when I was learning as a kid.

“Whether young or old, new to chess or a tournament player, you’re welcome at my Academy. I want to try to share my experience with all of you.”

Enrolling in the Magnus Chess Academy means Magnus will give you all the tools you need in one place to go from complete beginner to being ready to compete in real tournaments in no time.

Olga Dolzhikova, the Lead Content Developer, said: “Most rewarding products are always those you make for yourself. I love logical challenges and I knew this game would be sheer fun to play. It’s a happy coincidence that it has also turned out to be one of the most educational ones in the app. Enjoy!”

With Magnus as a mentor, students embark on a chosen course with levels, objectives, and rewards designed to suit a wide range of ages, skill levels, and learning styles.
Students first have to pick from four initial curriculum difficulty levels: New to Chess; Easy; Medium and Hard.

Players who are already strong, or become strong, will get access to a vast library of lessons written by chess grandmasters and reviewed by the World Champion.

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  1. Very proud of this new app and the Play Magnus team!

  2. Do you really need to be told you are awesome? Ha! That looks fun.

  3. I assume they checked Magnus beforehand on any cheating systems correct?

  4. I was nervous to see the end result, the "you're awesome!" Imagine the app telling Magnus like "yeah… average, progress to be made!" 😀

  5. I got 42, beating magnus score 😀

  6. Hey, Magnus….I am really crazy about your apps….But this app is not compatible in my device…..My device is Samsung Galaxy J7 (J700H),(android version 6.0.0)…

    Please fix this

  7. Hi guys, i'm creating relaxing videos, could you check? Free your minds😅

  8. Nice magnus, I'm surprised you didn't call the app a cheater as well XD

  9. You know I installed this app and I found that all the lessons were same with same commentary as in the magnus trainer app

  10. Mario. I need had this retire on poker. Many party poker millions and this I won a big game and retired. This seat was currently open. Big seat to fill. Did your interest need this challenge? Otherwise have to get another approval. I can lead this help you too.

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