Magnus Carlsen Reveals How He Prepares Before the Chess Game

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  1. Small reminder they’re all super geniuses so them memorizing for half an hr is more effective than an 1800 memorizing some lines for half an hr for a tournament

  2. So he's basically saying once you memorize so much, the arsenal you obtain allows you to never end up in a position you are unfamiliar with.

    He doesn't need to spend time memorizing abstract lines that engines have proven a lost cause. He understands almost every IM+ is trying to emulate the top engine lines. His tactic is to get people out of prep/theory as soon as possible and dominate in the endgame with precision.

  3. Me explaining how long it takes me to write an essay

  4. Magnus, please tell me if Ding Liren has a chance to defeat Ian Nepomniachtchi? Which of these grandmasters do you think is stronger?
    I really want to hear your opinion!!

  5. That is all fine but why does he look so hot here

  6. I know were in 2023 etc… But i want to say it so bad.

  7. I can't sit more hours nowadays because losing motivation.

  8. Sabo paşa öğrencisinin kanalına mükemmel video atmış

  9. hell naw magnus is the person who only use socks while presentation

  10. it looks like he needs to go to the toilet asap

  11. Magnus will probably give up on his chess career and start a new career on poker, isn't it?

  12. Anybody have link to the full video?

  13. Me: spending hours and hours preparing for game.
    This mf: i spend at most 30 min for preparing.
    Me; understandable, have a nice day

  14. I hate chess. People say you learn math from chess but how? So i actially delted chess app from my phone 😅

  15. A man who was blessed to know all of the answers but cursed to never be able to show his work.

  16. Now he invites homies and Botez and start the party 😛 :). Drink, talk, sing, dance and make some moves on time – nothing special :).

  17. I think saving your energy for the actual game is important. Like cramming before a test might not be the best use of your energy if you’re left tired for your test.

  18. Can someone tell me where can I see the full video of this interview? Thabks!

  19. I beat Magnus Carlsen in 3 moves. He was ok though

  20. I'm not saying that my answer is truth. But how confident would you be with a line you just memorized an hour before the match vs a line you've literally ingrained into habit?

    I think Magnus recalls the lines he already knows and gets himself into peak game mode. Rather than trying to memorize new lines.

    As the Navy seals say, we don't rise to the occasion, we fall to our level of training.

    As an amateur racing driver. This is so true. I feel this is also true for chess. If I can qualify at 1 minute 5 seconds flat as my fastest, I'm not expecting to hit 1 minute 4 seconds on race day. I am however expecting to never be slower than 1 minute 7. My job is to make sure each lap is 1 minute 7 seconds. Not overreach for a lap record and then spin out and crash.


  21. Is that a tambourine around his neck?…that was some party.

  22. Is it true you can't play professionally by feel only?

  23. memorize all the patterns you want, chess is a skill and a talent.

  24. What I want to know is how he prepared for this interview

  25. Well. You're also the best magnus.

    You don't have to work that hard on memorisation because A) you're likely the best at that out of all your peers B) You have a significant skill advantage

  26. He invited the media into his home , that’s boss , if they wanna see me , this is my adress , awesome

  27. Magnus sees a game and tries to paint it the best way he can

  28. Too deep. Too hard to understand

  29. This works for those with rare elephant memories like Magnus that can recall positions played 10 years ago. For everyone else 30 minutes is probably losing.

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