Magnus Carlsen Age 29 vs’s Maximum Computer 25

With’s release of a new 3200 rated chess engine, we see Magnus Carlsen Age 29 face off against one of the world’s best chess computers! What do you think will be the result?

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This is the new chess computer on which allows you to play against a Super Computer to see if you can defeat it! Magnus Carlsen’s play is represented by Magnus Age 29 on the play Magnus App.’s Computer 25 vs Magnus Carlsen Age 29

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  1. Best outcome against these computers is draw and that too when you play with 100% accuracy, which is impossible for anyone.

  2. Can we try maximum chess comp vs maximum chess comp?

  3. Magnus tarihin en iyi oyuncularından fakat bariz hatalar yapmış anlayamadım

  4. do these bots work by playing out the rest of the game with each move, then comparing the results and deciding which is best, or is simply an equation/formula learned from previous chess games like AI?

  5. It would be great if the AI would coach it's opponent as it bests them… Like Darth Vader did to Luke in Empire

  6. I've been playing against the computer everyday and I think it may be wearing on my mental health

  7. It doesn't matter how long you think for the best move. Computer will response immediately with the best move possible.

  8. Could things have gone differently if magnus was white??

  9. Fascinating how AI analyze every move and making counter best possible move in every situation immediately

  10. 3:54 I wonder why he didn’t capture with BXc5? It was right there? I’m just a peasant in comparison to the worlds best so I’m generally asking?

  11. I have very little information about chess so can anyone tell me about the score I think it's a draw but I'm not sure

  12. Saya pernah pake engine ini untuk melawan di aplikasi high domino dan bisa di kalahkan

  13. Why did black not take the queen with the horse??

  14. Hey, could I ask what is the sound when the pieces move?

  15. What is the name of this opening(for black)? Looks like the Nimzowits's defense.

  16. there’s always someone who’s gon be better than you

  17. Well, it's not fair, Magnus didn't have the chance to burn time by fixing his pieces to play with the bot's mind

  18. I'd rather lose and feel it than win and not

  19. Mad respect for Magnus. He is the winner for me.

    In the future people will be celebrated more than AI because it will be too obvious for engines to be accurate or creative.

  20. there can be a human that can draw an ai thats for sure

  21. Let me the first to extend a warm welcome to our new AI overlord Masters.

  22. Interesting that Carlson only lost in the end game. Would have thought that the less pieces there are on the board the easier it is for a human to compete against the machine.

  23. Some guy on tiktok said a 2200 rated could be maximum so I replied Magnus Carlsen lost to maximum and you think a 2200 rated could win

  24. At its highest level Chess is Tic-tac-toe. You cannot win. Every game played perfectly will end in a draw. So therefore, in Chess, your only advantage is… your opponents disadvantage. You cannot win. You can only lose.

  25. Bro with that theme tune in the background, it felt like the fate of humanity depended on this Human Vs AI game

  26. Well this is a draw, magnus resigned but no one would have won

  27. Magnus lost to a bot that made 0 "Good" moves.

  28. getting almost 98 percent accuracy against a 3200 elo bot is INSANE. It's easy to get high accuracy against players who are far worse than yourself. But when someone is playing the best line every single time, you need to do the same or your accuracy drops instantly. Magnus is unreal. I want to see him play with white.

  29. i'd still believe Mereum (the Ant King from HxH) can defeat this AI.

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