Ludwig practices chess for Pogchamps3

Streamed live on 2021-02-15 at

0:00 – Just Chatting

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  1. No fucking way, slim jim is my favourite company of all time.

  2. someone send the "in-stand-bull" clip to hasan

  3. 1:05:00 wtf am I watching? I don't even play ranked chess, never have, but the idea that someone is playing ranked chess and has no idea how to checkmate with a rook and queen against a undefended king is absurd. All you have to do is run the queen and rook to the other side of the board and walk them king in, because he cant cross the board to threaten them before being checkmated. Easy peasy, same with double rooks. In fact that is the safest way to do it, if the king is mid board and can reach them, you just run the rook/queen to the opposite end when the king gets close and just keep walking him in. You never move your king, it is an entirely wasted move.

  4. 2:18:34 Im so glad i missed the betting for rainn vs michelle i would have lost all my points lmaooo

  5. He didn't end the stream with "gang gang" as contractually obliged.

  6. How do you gift my life savings amount of subs in one stream but not have AirPods? Why the heck do you still have $25 EarPods.

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