LUCAS CHESS #5 – How to Create and Train Chess Openings

Lucas Chess offers many options to learn chess openings. One of them is by usinig Opening Lines and create training line that you can practice any time.


  1. Any ideas why my training file stops after 3 moves? Would love to learn how to use Lucas chess to its full potential. Thanks for the video!

  2. How do you practice multiple lines? I created one line and trained it, then a second variation that I want to practice, but it just does the first line.

  3. A really badly done GUI… the arrow function is hidden behind the f1 button… and there is no mention of it anywhere… and you can't drag arrows within the game… it doesn't matter how good the rest of the program is, it's like having a great car… if one of the tires is missing, it's useless…

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